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With baby number two on the way, I have been emotionally reflecting back to the past 3 years I’ve had with my first son and the many milestones we’ve been through!

Possibly my favorite milestone was when he started using the baby signs we so tirelessly taught him.

Miles using the sign for “Eat”

I had taught baby signs to many of the kiddos I had nannied over the years, so I knew once I had my own babies that I would be teaching signs to them as well. (For those who don’t know, Baby Signs are a simplified version of American Sign Language used to help babies communicate before they can talk) We started using signs for a few words with my son when he was about 4 months old, and after about two months of using the signs each and every time we used those specific words, he shocked us by using them himself out of the blue one day!

The first sign he used was “eat”, and we were over the moon when he did it himself! It wasn’t long after that “more”, “milk” and “sleep” followed!

Miles using the sign for “Sleep”

Despite having taught baby signs to many kids in the past, we felt such a sense of victory and pride when our little 6 month old guy would use his “words” rather than crying! What a joyous and rewarding milestone for us all! We are really looking forward to teaching baby signs to our next little guy!

We recently went through a milestone with Dad finally getting his first fitting with Miles, and I’ve loved the boy bonding they get during evening pajama time! Find that post HERE

We were so excited about our son’s big baby signing milestone, but which milestone are you really excited about for your little one?

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