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You Might Be a Dance Mom if...

My daughter dances. And when I say she dances, I mean she dances at the dance studio, 7 days a week including over 5 hours each day on the weekend and until 9:00 every weeknight other than Friday. She also does competitive dancing–think Dance Moms. Through the years of doing competitive dance, I’ve realized there are some things that are like, “Wow. I really am a Dance Mom.” Not in the same way the  moms are on the TV show, but there are definite traits of being a Dance Mom. So….

You might be a Dance Mom if…

  • You spend more money on dance, competitions, costumes and dance accessories than you do on tuition for you child’s private school.
  • Your dancer’s second home is the dance studio and you are never EVER allowed to think about moving away from her dance studio.
  • Your dancer owns more make-up than you do–a lot more!
  • …And has worn more make-up in one competition weekend than you have in your entire life!
  • Your dancer’s dance teachers probably see your child more on week days than you do.
  • You spend time sewing, pinning or tweaking costumes–often right before your child goes on stage.
  • Your coworkers and friends can’t understand why you come to work exhausted on a Monday after a weekend of travel and competition when you weren’t even the one dancing!
  • Your studio’s competition team becomes your family. Everyone helps each other change. Everyone helps each other with make-up. If you’ve forgotten something, someone else is there to help out!
  • Even though you are the parent…yes, an adult….you hoot and holler for your studio’s team as if you were 18 years old and at a concert.
  • You’re always figuring out who is staying at which hotel and hoping that the dancers get enough sleep. And magically, no matter how much sleep they get, they dance their hearts out the next day.
  • Every year, your child loves dance more and more–and so do you.

Are you a Dance Mom? Do you have anything to add or any confessions to make?

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