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Melted crayon art can bring a splash of color to any bedroom, playroom or nursery! It’s easy, bright, and beautiful. So simple that anyone can do it–you’ll want to try this today!


  • Crayons
  • Canvass
  • Hot glue gun
  • Blow dryer

Step 1:

Decide what color crayons you would like to use. Some options that work well are ordering them like a rainbow or collecting crayons of a similar shade together.

Step 2:

Hot glue the crayons in the order you want at the top of the canvass (not the bottom!).

Step 3:

Tape and lay newspaper on the walls and floors around your workspace. Lean your canvass against the wall at a slight angle with the crayons at the top. Using your blow dryer, blow the crayons pointing down. It’ll get messy! But that shouldn’t be a problem with your newspaper spread out, protecting the floors and walls.

Step 4:

Display your work. Some people like to hang it with the crayons melting down, some with the crayons melting facing up. With this project, flowers were added to make it appear as if the crayons are making a pot of flowers.