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In a world full of technology, it’s nice to know there’s a way for families to help manage their devices.

Meet Circle.

Circle is a small device that pairs with your home Wi-Fi and lets you manage every device on your network, both wireless and wired, without ever needing to put software on them.

Have you ever had to tell at your kids to turn off their devices to come eat dinner? Sometimes needing to repeat yourself multiple times before they actually listen? Circle can help thanks to their Time Limits setting for apps and web sites, finally getting screen time in check. Yes, that means you can set a time limit for both YouTube and Netflix.You can also set up a BedTime for weekdays and weekends and OffTime for those moments during any day you want your kids to be productive and play outside. There is even a Pause button for the Internet, how cool is that?!


There is really so much you can do with Circle like setting up age appropriate filters that apply to all their devices. Circle has 4 preset age levels and allows for further customization by platform, app, and category. Choose one that matches each family member’s age and interests, filtering out all inappropriate content. You can also give your kids rewards when they’ve been good.

Circle With Disney

One of my favorite features about Circle is the ability to get an Insights report. You can check out where your family spends their time online―by platform, category and website. With Insights, you can see the total time spent online and where, either by day, week, or month!

The best part about Circle is it’s so easy to set up, just takes a few minutes and you’re ready to manage.

Because Circle is part of the Disney family, you will be  provided with Disney entertainment that parents trust and children love. You will have access to Disney videos, blogs, GIFs, memes, emojis, music, games, characters and lots more, all through MyCircle.

Circle with Disney retails for $99. You can learn more by visiting:


*I received this product to review, all opinions are my own.