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Last weekend our family traveled to Anaheim,CA and we were so lucky to have been given tickets to Medieval Times in Buena Park. If you have not experienced a Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament you must check it out! Medieval Times is a two hour show with a four course banquet that includes competition between Knights and takes place in a huge Castle.

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When you enter the Castle every person is greeted as Lord and Lady, which my 5 year old just loved. We were then given a folded paper crown that comes in the color of your Knight that you will be rooting for and the section your family will be sitting in. The entire staff is dressed up in costume and plays the part very well. After receiving your crown the entire family gets to take a photo with the King before heading further into the castle.

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While waiting for the show to begin the children each picked out a light up sword (which I may have regretted bringing home with us) but they had so much fun with this before the show started. They played with all the other excited children and getting that energy out before we sat down for over an hour was a good thing.

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Once we sat down the staff started to get everyone’s drink order right away. They were very fast at incorporating the meal into the show so that you always had something in front of you, which I really appreciated having two children. I was a little nervous that I did not ask about Vegetarian options before the show, I completely forgot but when our server brought our drinks he asked if anyone was a Vegetarian and had something special for me.

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Medieval Times Menu

Medeival Times has a 4 course menu that is included with the show.

  • Tomato Bisque Soup
  • Flat Bread
  • Roasted Chicken
  • Spare Rib
  • Potatoes
  • Apple Turnover for dessert

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My vegetarian meal included tomato bisque soup, garlic bread, large bowl of 3-bean stew with Fire roasted Tomato and brown rice, hummus with pita chips, celery & carrots and an apple pastry for desert. If you want the vegetarian plate, you need to let your server know ahead of time or if they ask you when they come around, it is very good.

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You are given the option of Pepsi, tea or water to drink. You are also given one refill per person, but don’t worry just like the food portions the cups are very large.

All the food was to be eaten in Medieval style, which means NO silverware. Yes, you drink your soup from the steel cup and eat your chicken, ribs and potatoes with your fingers. Doesn’t get much better than that, especially for the children. Every dinner table rule at home was slowly broken, they were excited about this!

Wipes are given to each person after your meal to clean your hands as well.

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When the show first starts you get to watch several awesome performances. The first one is with one of the horses doing tricks and running around the stadium. The second is a woman that comes out with her bird and the animal fly’s around the entire stadium coming so close to people. It was really awesome to watch.

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King and Queen starting a Toast with the audience.

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We were on the Red Side, and this was our Knight we were cheering on!

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There are several different obstacles they compete in during the show which are all spectacular to watch.

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The audience is very into the show and everyone was excited when their Knight surpassed the next!

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Medieval Times is a great place to take the entire family; our children both loved the non-stop action packed show. The knights are so realistic I had to continually remind my daughter throughout the show so she was not afraid. Not only the show but the crowds energy, the huge stadium, the horses and the acting was superb. It is something we will definitely be doing again next time we are in town and I suggest your family check it out as well if you are ever near a Medieval Times Location.

Adult Tickets start at $40.95 while kids 12 and under are $29.95

There are Medieval Times locations in:

Atlanta, GA Baltimore/Washington, D.C. | Buena Park, CA | Chicago, IL | Dallas, TX | Lyndhurst, NJ | Myrtle Beach, SC | Orlando, FL | Toronto, ON


*Medieval Times provided us tickets to the show we attended. All thoughts expressed in this article are entirely my own.