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Cinco De Mayo is just a few days away, and to round out our Margarita Madness this week, , I’m sharing my recipe for the 3-2-1 Margarita Especial! I’ve already shared my recipes for a Silver Pomegranante Margarita as well as a Fresh Fruit Watermelon Margarita earlier in the week. Everyone needs a recipe for an original lime margarita, and there’s tons of them out there. This is one that is simple to make and easy to remember the measurements! It is super refreshing, too! Perfect for your Cinco De Mayo Celebration or any summer barbeque! The key in making it taste the absolute best is to use GOOD tequila! Don’t go too cheap, or it will taste that way. Buy cheap triple sec if you want-no biggie. Just splurge a little for the tequila and you’ll be happy you did. This Marg runs on the stronger side, so feel free to swap the measurements for the tequila with the Limeade/Sweet & Sour (3oz Limeade, 2oz tequila) if you prefer a tamer flavor!


3-2-1 Margarita Especial


3oz Premium Tequila (Gold or Silver, your choice)
2oz Limeade or Sweet & Sour
1 oz Triple Sec

optional: Salt for the rim

Mix it Up!

Mix all ingredients in a shaker and pour over ice in a salt rimmed low-ball glass. Salt is optional.
If you prefer a frozen margarita, then pour ingredients into a blender with ice and blend until smooth! Serve in chilled salt rimmed margarita glass.