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Spring is here! You know what that means—it’s time to get your broom in gear for spring cleaning! I love to have a clean house, but it can be overwhelming at times. I’m constantly picking up after my toddler AND my husband which makes it hard to find time to perform some of the deep-cleaning tasks needed to keep a house in tip-top shape.

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However, I’m the queen of organization, so I tackled my cleaning conundrum with my favorite thing: a list. I broke the list down into daily chores, so if I do a little each day, I’ll be able to maintain my house and keep it relatively clean at all times. I also love checking things off my to-do list—it’s the Type A personality in me—but it really works! I was able to keep up with my list without feeling overwhelmed, and my house is cleaner than it’s been in months!

Weekly Cleaning To-Dos

Monday: Pick Up/Straighten Day—it always seems that my house is a complete disaster by the time Monday rolls around. With all the fun activities planned and guests, there are usually lots of misplaced items all over the house.

  • Put all items in house back where they belong. Quick Tip: To keep up on this throughout the week, never leave a room without grabbing one item to put away.
  • Put all laundry away.
  • File mail, pay bills.

Tuesday—Windows and Dust Day

  • Wash those cute little finger and nose prints off the windows. Don’t worry about the outside of the windows. Save that for a major chore day.
  • Dust all furniture in the house, including tables, lamps, blinds, picture frames and banisters.

Wednesday: Kitchen Day

  • Clean the sink, stove, microwave and kitchen appliances.
  • Give all countertops a nice, deep scrub.
  • Throw out any expired food in the fridge.
  • Replace dish cloths and towels

Thursday: Floor Day

  • Sweep, vacuum and mop all floors in the house.
  • Ask family members to put away any shoes they aren’t using often.

Friday: Bathrooms—Do all bathrooms in the house. (I always like to do my bathrooms right before the weekend since we often have company, and that is one spot they are likely to visit).

  • Wash sinks, toilets, bathtubs and cabinets.
  • Replace towels, toilet paper and Kleenex.
  • Empty bathroom trash.

Saturday: Day off—relax and enjoy your day!

Sunday: Laundry and Grocery Day

  • Laundry—all laundry in the house including sheets, bath towels, rugs and clothes.
  • Meal planning and grocery shopping.

I hope you find this list as helpful as I did. It helped me stay on task all week without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted. Happy Spring Cleaning!