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If you’re in the market for a great wine to share with your loved one this Valentine’s Day, consider picking up a bottle of 2017 Day Owl Rosé.  This bright, citrusy, and effortlessly cool wine is versatile so you can pair it with whatever special lunch or dinner you have planned.

According to Day Owl Rosé, this wine “comes with bright floral red fruit and bright orange zest vibes. Lively acidity and a dry, elegant finish create a beautiful way to begin a candlelight dinner for two. Ending your meal with the Day Owl Rosé and a piece of chocolate is another option for those who like to try something new.”

Day Rose Wine

I’m lucky to live in California where we have been having the most beautiful weather so far this year. Spending time outdoors, grilling and eating dinner on our deck with my family has become our weekend traditions. With my boyfriend and I liking different style wines, it’s hard for us to pick a bottle to share. He likes them more sweet, while I prefer them more dry. After opening our bottle of Day Owl Rosé, we both agree it was a fantastic wine for the two of us to share. It’s a wine enjoyable for those who like red wine and those who prefer white.

Day Owl Rosé will only cost you around $15, so pick up a bottle or two and cheers to love, life and happiness.

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*I received a bottle to review, all opinions are my own.