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It’s a new year which means many people have made resolutions to be healthier and spend more time with their family. For my family, this year we are looking to make our routines more simple. Getting rid of the things that have become a habit that make us stressful. Sometimes our routines are so packed, by the end of the week we are too exhausted to appreciate all that we’ve done.

Here are some ways we will be making our routine more simple.

Meal Plan

Meal planning is key in saving your family the stress of what to make for dinner each night. I like to meal plan every Sunday morning and then head to the store afterwards. Luckily we now have Pinterest which helps in finding great recipes to make for your family.

Stock up on Food

By stocking up on food, you will be limiting the times spent running to and from the grocery store.

Make a Budget

Budgeting is so important. You can create your own budget template on Excel where you input your monthly bills, and how much income you bring in so you can calculate how much money to spend on groceries, gifts, and more. By doing this, you may realize you are spending more money on things that may be unnecessary.

Use a Calendar For Scheduling

One thing that I could use help with is definitely my scheduling. I am notorious for never writing things down, which leaves me stressed and always feeling like I am on the go. I suggest having one big calendar in the home where everyone can keep track of daily activities, appointments, birthday’s, events, and more.

Create Weekly Routines

This kind of goes with scheduling which I talked about above. Keep your weekly routines on the calendar if you need to so everyone knows what needs to be done. Maybe you clean the bathrooms on Wednesdays, grocery shop on Sundays, have baseball practices on Tuesdays, whatever you want your family routine to be, create it.

Get Rid of Excess Things

More things, more stress. Get rid of the clutter, the extra play dates, the things that cause your family stress.

Regular Clean-Up

Cleaning up regularly will help limit the amount of stress and the amount of mess left in your home. By making cleaning up a part of your regular routine, you will reduce the amount of time cleaning, I promise. Here are some great tips on how to create a cleaning habit:

Toy Bins

Speaking of cleaning, if you don’t have toy bins, now is the time to get them. You don’t need to spend much, you don’t even need to buy actual “toy bins,” but get something that can hold the toys in your home. I own four of them and it has helped to keep the toys contained and not all over the home. Plus, it’s an easy way for your kids to clean up because all the have to do is toss them into the bin.

Let Things Go

It’s a new year. Don’t let the things that once stressed you, stress you anymore. Learn to let things go. If you don’t want to have play dates with certain moms, then don’t. If you don’t want to be worried about paying certain bills, then make sure you are budgeting and seeing where you can cut down on excess things, don’t be afraid to let some of those materialistic things go. Get back to family time and concentrating on the things that matter the most.