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We love throwing themed parties here at Simply Real Moms. It’s a great way to get our family and friends together and celebrate life. Just this past weekend Emily and I threw a huge Dr. Seuss celebration where we had all our friends and their children over to celebrate Dr. Seuss and his birthday.

Dr. Seuss

Like all our parties, once the kids arrive, the chaos begins. If you can imagine a storm hitting the inside of your home, that is exactly what the end of a party looks like for us. I could throw parties every weekend if it meant I didn’t have to clean up afterwards. The clean-up has to be the worst part about throwing a party. Usually my garbage can becomes overfilled and toys end up missing. While I don’t have a solution for the missing toys, I do have a solution for the trash.

Glad Black Bags are the perfect solution for the messiest ‘day after’ disasters. They will come to the rescue and make clean up a little more manageable. They are honestly one of the sturdiest bags we have used and we keep our home fully stocked. I can pile in a ton of trash and not worry about the bag ripping and all the trash falling out. Plus, with the bag being black, it hides all the trash that is inside.


To show how well their bags do the job, Glad has created some hilarious video’s all about America’s wildest parties. In each video things get out of hand, but in the end, Glad’s Black Bag Trash Crasher team saves the day. Not only will you laugh your way through the short videos, but by viewing the video of the Trash Crash video, you will receive a 50 cent off coupon for Glad Black Bags. Want something even better? By sharing the video, you will receive $1.00 off coupon. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

You can view the Glad YouTube videos here:

The Glad Black Bag TrashCrashers- Fashion Forward is definitely my favorite one! Which one is yours?

Don’t let clean-ups be a headache, let Glad Black Bags come to the rescue.


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