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I absolutely love beautiful word art. I am drawn to rustic farmhouse signs, subway art and all around just visually appealing words. I especially love well designed chalkboard art.

From menus to calendars to just welcome signs, chalkboard art is fun because it’s temporary. You can have it say something lovely and meaningful one day and something sarcastic and cheeky the next.

My only problem with chalkboard art is that I have terrible handwriting and drawing skills. I get by well enough but I am never ever mistaken for a calligrapher or artist.

So how do I make gorgeous signs on my chalkboard at home? I cheat.

Seriously. ANYONE can make art on their chalkboard-it takes no talent other than coloring within lines.

Start by designing what you want on your computer. Make sure it’s the size you want it to be on your chalkboard, then print it. I am using our Ikea easel and the size that fit best was 18″x18″.Paper template for chalkboard lettering Obviously this is significantly larger than my printer can print, so I broke it up into 4 sheets to print and then taped it back together. You can also send an image that large to your local print shop and they’ll print it for you in the right size!

Once your design is printed out, turn it over and rub chalk all over the back of it. I just use my kids’ sidewalk chalk to do this.How to make beautiful chalk letter art!

Tape your design onto the chalkboard in the position you want it to be when it’s finished.Hand Lettered Chalk Art

Trace the lines on your design with a pen or pencil. Make sure to go over all of the lines, inside and out of each letter and line. The chalk on the back of the paper will transfer everywhere you trace a line. Don’t worry about resting your hand on the image, some chalk will rub on but we will fix that later!

When the entire design is traced, remove the paper to reveal an outline of your entire design.The secret to making chalk board art

With your chalk pens, color in your design.Hand Lettered Chalkboard Art

Let the chalk paint dry completely (depending on the brand this can take up to 10 minutes) and then rub off the excess chalk that transferred from your paper. The chalk paint will not rub off, so rub right over your design too.Gorgeous Thanksgiving Chalk Art Sign

And there you have it, a gorgeously lettered chalkboard sign that is hand written despite having less than desirable handwriting!