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We recently had the opportunity to work with Lucy & Leo and share their wonderful children’s clothing. All Lucy & Leo clothes are made of 100% certified organic cotton. Not only do organic materials help the environment, they are super soft and prevent harmful chemicals from being absorbed into children’s skin.

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The maker and designer of Lucy & Leo, Rachel Mednick has worked very hard to design clothing for children that has an original style made from organic fabrics only. Not only is the material used in the clothing soft and comfortable but they are stylish as well. With a background in fashion and a mission to change the world Rachel has done a fabulous job creating a children’s line of clothing that is brilliant, we are huge fans!

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Normally taking photos of my children can be quite an adventure but with Lucy & Leo’s comfy designs, the kids had a blast.

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Olivia is wearing Flutter Leggings made out of Organic Cotton Fabric in Oatmeal Color. Her top is the East Side button up Cardigan and it is so comfortable.

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Liam is wearing The Leroy Long Sleeve Tee which is also 100% organic cotton. We love how breathable the clothing is and how easy it is to still run around and play, obviously most important for any child. Liam’s West Side Sweat Pants are honestly the best things ever, I wish I had a pair in my size. They have an elastic waistband and the ankle band also fits to keep any cold air out. We are loving the silhouette of these comfy pants and how they give little legs tons of room to run about.

Wild & Free in Lucy & Leo’s fashion for kids

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Lucy & Leo garments are designed and manufactured in New York and their mission is to provide your child with the finest, highest quality clothing on the market. You can also purchase mommy skincare, baby skincare, toys & accessories as well made from all organic ingredients.


Lucy & Leo is partnered with Trees for the Future, working to plant trees and change lives. For every item you purchase from Lucy & Leo, they will donate one tree to be planted by Trees for the FutureTo learn more about this incredible organization click here.


*We received clothing from Lucy & Leo to facilitate our review, all opinions expressed in this article are our own.