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The newest Elmo toy on the block this year might just be the best yet! Meet: Love2Learn Elmo!

I am so in love with this toy and am excited to show you some of our favorite features on this new loveable guy.love2learn-elmoLove2Learn Elmo is not your typical talking toy. No no. This Elmo connects to an app on your mobile device through bluetooth so that Elmo can interract with your little one on a more personal level! Customize your Elmo with your child’s name, favorite color, favorite food & favorite animal!

love2learn-elmo-app-customizationChoose from a selection of subjects you want Elmo to focus on with your little onelove2learn-elmo-subject-contentAnd select the stage you want Elmo’s level of learning for your child

With the “Parent Helpers” section in the app, you can have Elmo help out with manners, chores and daily life! With the push of a button in the app, Elmo can remind your child to brush their teeth, clean up, say please and thank you and even make potty training fun!love2learn-elmo-parent-helperHe’ll even celebrate birthdays, holidays, talk about deployed military parent and new baby siblings!

When bedtime rolls around, switch Elmo over to lullabye mode on the app and he will sing your little one a sweet lullabye and say goodnight.love2learn-elmo-lullabye

It’s adorable.

When in lullabye mode, Elmo will not interract with your child after he says goodnight. The only response from him is a soft instrumental lullabye if your child squeezes his nose.

You can wake Elmo up by switching lullabye mode off in the app, or he will wake himself up after 10 hours in lullabye mode.

My kids’ favorite feature: They can take a selfie with Elmo and customize their photo with fun frames. My boys LOVE taking pictures with Elmo!

My favorite feature: The Love2Learn app has volume control! Elmo comes out of the box pretty loud, but there are several volume levels to choose from and this mama likes using the softest volume around the house and the louder levels in the car or outside.

This is a stellar toy and perfect for a gift for your preschool aged child. Love2Learn Elmo is a toy that will grow with your child and can be re-customized for siblings as each grows out of the preschool stage!

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This post contains affiliate links.