Want to show your significant other how much you love him but short on cash? The beauty of love is that it truly doesn’t cost a thing—all you have to do is show your spouse how much you love him/her to make any Valentine’s Day special.

Last year, my husband and I made a pact that we wouldn’t spend any money for Valentine’s Day. We would go out to have a nice dinner to celebrate, but no money on presents. But the romantic in me wanted to do a little something to show my husband how much I truly appreciate him. Breaking out my creative juices, I decided to start his Valentine’s literally off with a bang!

I wrote 10 different notes to him on little pieces of paper that described what I love about him.  Then, I took the notes to my local party store and had them stuff each balloon with a love note and we created a nice balloon bouquet with all of the little romantic notes inside.

Here are some of the romantic notes: I cut out the little hearts out of construction paper.

When I took them to the party store, I asked them to roll each one up and stuff them inside before they inflated each balloon.  The bouquet of balloons cost $10, so it wasn’t quite free, but pretty darn close!

When I presented this to him, I gave him a little card explaining the game and gave him a safety pin to pop the balloons. My husband loved his bouquet of love notes and even asked me to keep all the notes for our scrapbook. Our toddler also had a wild time with all the fun and enjoyed helping to pop the balloons!

We hope you have a special Valentine’s Day, and remember, you don’t need money to show how much you care!