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Children grow and change so quickly–sometimes, before we know it, they’ve gone from being in preschool to heading to middle school! Where did the time go? Do you remember what your favorite color was when you were four years old? Or what you wanted to be when you grew up when you were in first grade?

You’d be surprised at how often children change their minds about these things! One day, your child might want to be an astronaut, the next day he might want to be a teacher. Ask him a week later and he may want to be a nurse! It’s so fun to watch your child grow and their views on life change.

What better way to keep track of it then to ask them at the end (or start) of every school year. Keep a scrapbook or binder of their answers with a hand print and watch as your precious little girl or boy grows up and possibly becomes one of the many things they dreamed about as a child. Download this free printable (you can edit it as well), print it and mount it on scrapbook or construction paper to give it a polished look. Wouldn’t this be a fantastic keepsake at your child’s graduation?

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