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Baby gift baskets are not only fun to make but they are always a great baby shower gift. Baby baskets are easy to personalize which adds ‘that special touch’, I have so much fun finding little shops and unique items for baby’s. Some of my most favorite items are handmade, you just cannot beat the quality and uniqueness from sites like Etsy. I recently put together some of my favorite trending items for a “Little Lady” baby basket and I am so excited to share all the loveliness.

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Hobby Lobby has some of the cutest little decor for nursery rooms and for a very affordable price.

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Fynn + Cade makes handmade organic cotton scarf bibs, crinkly teething toys, appliqued nursery decor and whole cloth quilts. They choose modern, whimsical patterns and bold playful colors. The quality is outstanding and I am so in love with everything from the tags to the patterns Kendra uses.

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I always like to give products that I have personally used and loved. I am a huge fan of the Amber jewelry and beads. I have used them with both of my children and they worked wonders. Amber Regina makes 100% natural Baltic Amber Necklaces for teething baby’s and they are are beaded out of smooth 100% natural Baltic amber beads using waxed cotton. Each bead is carefully knotted on both sides to prevent scattering in case if the necklace breaks. Such a perfect gift especially for a new mom that my not be familiar with all the natural teething options out there for babies.

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Clothing for little ones is my addiction! So many cute shops out there and hand made items that it is so hard to choose. Clothing is probably my favorite part of shopping, not only for my friends but for my kids as well. Haute Tot Threads is an adorable shop that designs baby and toddler clothing you cannot find anywhere else. I am a huge fan of finding clothing that is unique and stands out. Check out these little lady animal prints, so adorable! Another reason why I love to shop small is the quality is always the best. Also, look at the personalized note attached! It’s the small things I really appreciate.

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When I saw this little onesie I was so in love! How cute is this?!?! It’s great to find unique items you will not find in the store, such as this little onesie by Line Liam Boutique. I also love including something for Mama to be and “MOM” shirts are not only super trendy right now but the really are the best.

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The Miracle 360 cup is great for babies learning to to drink from a cup. I used these for both of my children and seriously recommend adding to any baby basket. These cups start at 6 months and I know as a new mom it is great to have things put away as the baby grows. Bottles are great to give but if you think ahead a little these Miracle 360 cups are the best!

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Baby blankets are one of my most favorite baby items. Soft, cuddly and such a comfort item, you really can’t have too many. The Buttercup Boutique makes Custom personalized baby blankets, nursing pillow covers, toddler pillows and more for the stylish momma. You can wrap your little lady in a custom blanket with her name, perfect for photos and sharing on Instagram/facebook. You really cannot beat the handmade quality, so much better than the store. I really wish I had one of these when my children where babies!

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By far one of my all time favorite and most useful baby accessories is the Ergo. The Ergo Baby carrier is not only stylish but each carrier is made with 100% Organic Cotton, the Ergobaby Organic Collection is designed with your family and the planet in mind. My Ergo lasted through both of my children for a total of 6 years and I still use it often for my toddler as the weight limit holds up to 45lbs. The Ergo is a must have item for any parent, you can even choose a neutral color so mom and dad can share.

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First Year Belly Stickers are the perfect way to document a child’s monthly growth and development during their first year of life. These make a perfect gift and basket filler. Since I am a photographer I am always looking for items and accessories for photos. I personally know how important this is. You can purchase these at many baby stores and if you check on Etsy you can find some really creative designs for a similar price.

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Vulli Sophie giraffe teether is amazing and on of my favorite tethers for many reasons. Sophie the Giraffe, full of discoveries and activities to awaken baby’s senses. Sight: The dark and contrasting spots all over Sophie the Giraffe’s body provide visual stimulation and make her easily recognizable to baby. She soon becomes a familiar and reassuring object. Hearing: Her squeaker keeps baby amused and stimulates his hearings. Taste: Sophie the Giraffe is very flexible and has lots of parts for baby to chew like ears, horns, legs. She is perfect for soothing baby’s sore gum when teething and is completely safe. Made of 100% natural rubber and food paint. Both of my children just loved Sophie and paired with the teething necklaces, you will be ready for when your little lady starts teething. 

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 Little books such as Baby Steps are also great basket fillers. Mama will spend lots of time holding her little lady while she is sleeping and books are a great way to enjoy that peaceful time. This book is one of my favorite, it has so many cute quotes like ” Don’t worry, your baby will dress better than you the first year” which is so true!
Decorating Your Little Lady Basket
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I enjoy the creative aspect of baby baskets and putting everything together. The small detail is what I love to create. Some of my favorite places to purchase accessories for  decorating is Target, Hobby Lobby, World Market and Home goods. The gold bags are from Hobby lobby and I used washi tape to seal them. I put the tethers and the necklace inside, it was perfect. The basket is lined with Target’s new craft line “Hand Made Modern” which I think is great! The tags I hand stamped and made from hobby lobby as well and I picked up the basket from Home Goods in the clearance section. Such an original looking basket filled with unique items and it was so enjoyable to make.
If you do not normally go to shops like Etsy for your baby needs, definitely check it out. You can find almost anything and the price is not much different than the stores you go to now.