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Linge shoes are the perfect comfortable footwear option for kids of all ages. These are an adorable addition to your little lady’s wardrobe to complement every outfit. The softest leather bottoms and flexible ankle strap are the perfect footwear for your growing toddler. The bright color options will appeal to every girl’s sense of adventure and individuality.

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I am a huge fan of flats and so is my daughter. She loves to dance everywhere she goes. Linge shoes are great because they have flexible leather bottoms that allow my six year old to run and skip about outdoors. They actually are ballet shoes meant to be worn outside. If you have ever had a child in ballet, they will tell you do NOT wear your shoes outside, so these are a great alternative.

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The best thing from a mom’s point of view is that they slip right on, which is great! They are now are our go to shoes when we have to run to the store or get out of the house quickly, not only because they are simple to put on but because they come in solid colors and are easy to match everything. They also take up little to no room when packing, which is great. I have had to put them in my purse a few times when my daughter is at her dance class and they fit no problem.

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Linge Ballet Shoes do run a little on the pricy side at $59 a pair. They also have suede soles so you would not be able to wear them on wet surfaces or on uneven platforms such as a park or playground with bark. I do also wish the box was a little more “fancy” as it is very plain compared to the shoe. Maybe a little glitter or color would make this more attractive.

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You can purchase Linge shoes on their website:

 Linge Ballet Shoes come in a variety of colors, including black, white, red, pink, and turquoise.

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