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I feel like the older I get, the more tasks I tend to take on. With raising two kids, work and this website, I feel far from organized. I needed something that could help me keep track of it all, since most days I feel as if my brain just can’t remember half the things I need to do. Luckily for me there is an amazing app by LightArrow called LifeTopix. This is the BEST app when it comes to organization for just about EVERYTHING!

LifeTopix is a calender based productivity app for personal organization and time management on the iPad and iPhone. Manage your to-dos, project, notes, files, shopping, assets, events, travel and much more — everything at your fingertips. Unlike other apps that allow you to accomplish one specific thing, LifeTopix is an all-in-one personal organizer for getting things done easily when information overload leaves you asking how to get organized  and how to declutter your life.

I can’t begin to tell you what a lifesaver LifeTopix has been for me. In these short couple of weeks I finally feel like I am gaining control of everything I need to remember and all that I have going on. I could explain to you in detail how amazing this app truly is, but I think you need to watch it for yourself to see how this app can change your life in as fast as it takes to download the app. The video takes 3 minutes and it is worth every second of every minute.

There are 12 topics in the LifeTopix app, everything is on one page of the app so it is easy to keep track of them:

  1. Tasks + Projects: to track what you want to get done includ­ing descrip­tions, due dates, pri­or­i­ties, sta­tuses, effort sizing, ser­vices and ser­vice providers, and audio, photo, & video notes.
  2. Shop­ping: to track your shop­ping lists includ­ing items, sizes, quan­ti­ties, prices, stores (sell­ers), gifts to give, and gifts received.
  3. Events: to track events you are orga­niz­ing or attend­ing includ­ing dates, loca­tions, invi­tees, tasks, shop­ping items, ser­vices, and ser­vice providers.
  4. Travel + Places: to track trips you plan to take or the vis­i­tors you will be receiv­ing includ­ing dates, des­ti­na­tions, shop­ping items, out­ings, places to visit, reminders, ser­vices, and ser­vice providers.
  5. Peo­ple + Ser­vices: to track all of the ser­vices you receive includ­ing account infor­ma­tion, ser­vice dates, bills, and pay­ment infor­ma­tion. This topic also enables you to track the ser­vice providers from whom you receive ser­vices includ­ing rat­ings, lever­ag­ing full inte­gra­tion with your device’s Con­tacts application.
  6. Health + Activ­ity: to track infor­ma­tion you need to keep your mind and body healthy includ­ing diet, exer­cise, pre­scrip­tions & med­ica­tions, ail­ments, health pro­ce­dures, and progress toward your health goals.
  7. Finances: to track your finan­cial infor­ma­tion includ­ing accounts, bill pay­ments, and char­i­ta­ble donations.
  8. Home + Assets: to track what you own includ­ing ven­dors, pur­chase dates & prices, cur­rent val­ues, man­u­fac­tur­ers, model num­bers, ser­ial num­bers, insur­ance, main­te­nance & repairs, and war­ranty services.
  9. Edu­ca­tion: to track infor­ma­tion related to your per­sonal growth includ­ing sub­jects, assign­ments, ref­er­ences, ser­vices, and ser­vice providers.
  10. Notes + Files: to access notes you have cre­ated in Life­Topix, to trans­fer elec­tronic infor­ma­tion between your device and your online file ser­vice providers, and to e-mail elec­tronic infor­ma­tion from LifeTopix.
  11. Media: to track your media, media ser­vices, and equip­ment, and to man­age your pho­tos, audio clips, and video clips.
  12. Book­marks: to man­age access to your online ser­vice providers and to man­age your bookmarks.

I have found for me personally, the Shopping and Travel topics have become my best friends. I feel like we live at the store and it is so nice to have my grocery list not only available for me in one spot, but the total for how much my shopping trip will cost me as well as my groceries organized by store. We are also planning our Disneyland/Legoland trip this summer and I love having all the dates, places, hotels, and packing list all in one location. Can we say “life saver?”

My actual grocery list for this week


Breakdown of the cat food on my list

LifeTopix is truly a lifesaver and I would recommend this app to anyone. It will cost you only $0.99 , and it is worth EVERY penny. You can’t even buy a planner for that price.

LifeTopix is available in the app store. Don’t worry Android users, I have read they have been working on an app just for you! You can follow LightArrow on Facebook and on Twitter.


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