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This year we will be hosting Easter Sunday. Both families will be together for Easter egg hunting, lunch and great times. As a parent, it can be stressful to play host. Our house isn’t always kept perfect and dinners tend to be quick and messy. I don’t have the amount of time it takes to scrub my oven clean when I have two young ones wanting my attention. Luckily for me, I found Easy-Off!

Easy-Off is the #1 oven cleaner! It has a powerful formula that eliminates baked-on grease and food spills. It also has 5x more grease-cutting power than the leading all-purpose cleaner.

Easy-Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner penetrates and lifts away tough baked-on grease stains and messes with no fumes. It is safe to use in both self-cleaning and non-self-cleaning ovens, and even works great for everyday spot cleaning. Simply spray the stain let it soak in and then wipe the stain easily away with a sponge or cloth. This Easy-Off oven cleaner is also an ideal option for grill racks, oven broilers and glass surfaces in the oven.

If you need something stronger, you can use Easy-Off’s Heavy Duty. It cuts through the toughest grease in less than 5 minutes!

Don’t spend unnecessary time cleaning your oven. Use Easy-Off for a quick & effective clean.



Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Easy-Off. All opinions are my own.