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If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to potty train your kids, you have to check out, Let’s Potty! This board game brings lots of fun for the entire family. It is a encouraging and exciting way to begin the potty training conversation with your child.

Let’s Potty! is the only potty training board game on the market! It is a humorous and light-hearted way to begin the potty training conversation with a toddler.  It is designed to play with a parent, caregiver, or older sibling.  Let’s Potty! is a positive and encouraging introduction to the basic concepts of potty training and hygiene.  Before parents know it, their child will be asking to use the potty like a “big kid”.  Let’s Potty! can help promote positive feelings about a sometimes difficult and frustrating process of potty training.  The game includes a colorful board and a stack of beautifully illustrated cards – written in encouraging, easy language to read to the child. The child also can choose one of four character game pieces .  It is for children aged 24 months and up.

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The Let’s potty game comes with a brightly colored board where you travel along the toilet paper trail through the house and to the potty. There are two boy characters and two girl characters, enough for up to 4 players at a time. I love that this board game is very simple. I think this is the key to keeping a child’s attention span and the bright colored designs definitely help to keep children from losing interest. It reminded me of Candyland which is a very popular game in our house.

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To play Let’s Potty you draw a card and move your game piece according to the instructions. The great thing about this game is EVERYONE is a winner. Yes, everyone can win and if you have children you know how important that is.

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I love that the cards are very sturdy; they are not bendable. The pictures on the cards are also very attractive and bright. One problem we have had with games in the past with my children is that they would chew and bend the cards, not these! They are very well built and do not bend at all even with the destructive force of a 15 month old who loves to bend and bite everything in sight.

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I also love the simplicity of the cards. The wording is very easy to read and each card comes with a colorful drawing which also keeps the children entertained. The cards are so funny! We couldn’t help but  all laugh  every time we would pick up a new card.


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This is such a fantastic game to use when introducing potty training to little ones. The age recommended is 2 years old but I can tell you the game entertained my 15 month old through two rounds. I had to move the pieces for him of course and read the cards but every time we laughed at the cards, he would laugh and get excited as well. My 4 year old asked to play again after already playing twice in a row, and she is potty trained!


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The creators of Let’s Potty Gina and her brother were inspired to develop a toddler board game after noticing many toddlers playing with iPads and iPhones.  I feel that children today are given too much “screen time”.  I wanted to do an interactive and educational game relevant to this age group.  After developing a prototype and testing it, we realized that, as a side benefit, there has been a positive response from toddlers craving the one on one attention from parents, caregivers, or older siblings.  All the while, helping with readiness and awareness for potty training. The outcome was the development of an educational product that teaches and reinforces potty training concepts while fostering social interaction skills.

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This is such a clever idea to help potty train children; I would highly recommend it for all parents. Even if your child is not at the age yet to potty train, you can read the cards to him/her to start the process. Did I also mention you can purchase “Let’s Potty” through Amazon? Yes, Amazon, you had me at two day free shipping!

I received the featured Let’s Potty Board Game  to review, but all opinions are 100% my own.