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I worry about my family. It’s my natural parenting instinct. They are at the top of my mind at all times. Their health, their happiness and the safety of our family weigh heavily on my husband and I. We see the stories on the news of families who are dealing with tragic situations. The stories of children whose health is fading. Children who are abducted…right from their own home. This is why I worry.

I can’t help the surroundings and bad situations in this world, but I can try my best to bring joy to my children, to take the best care of their health and to keep them safe out in the world AND in our own home.Home Automation from SAGE

We recently installed a security and home automation system by SAGE to bring a little peace of mind and to make life a little easier. If you aren’t familiar with what home automation is, think “smart home.” Home automation means your home can be controlled with the touch of a button…in this case in an app on your phone SAGE by Hughes - Mobile Appor through your TV!SAGE by Hughes - On the TV

SAGE offers a number of amazing products and kits that serve dual purposes of convenience and safety.

Light/Appliance Control
We love the idea of controlling lights with the touch of a button. How perfect at the end of the day to switch off all the lights from bed! What I love more than the convenience & lazy mom factor is that being able to control my lights from my phone means if I get home after dark and forgot to leave the porch light on, I can turn it on in the car and have a safely lit front door. SAGE_appliance-module-3_largeIf I am on vacation with my family, we can have the lights come on in the evenings despite our absence and keep our home looking occupied.

The product I looked forward to having most was the thermostat. Thermostat_largeThis baby can be controlled from anywhere, so when you forget to turn off the air/heat before leaving on vacation, you aren’t wasting energy or money. When you’re on your way home you can turn it back on to have your home feeling perfectly comfortable when you walk in!


SAGE has a pretty awesome home security kit that gives you all you need to feel safer in your home. It includes the SAGE hub (this controls all of your SAGE products through your TV), an indoor camera, a door/window sensor, a motion detector, and my personal favorite-a doorbell sensor! You will be notified through your app & hub when someone rings your doorbell. Away from the house? When your app tells you someone is at your door, you can even view your camera to see who is at the door (app will bring up the live video of where your camera is pointed). Such a cool feature! We recommend adding an outdoor camera to this kit to use at the front door, and use your indoor camera in a main living area of the home, or even as a baby monitor!SAGE_door-lock-oil-bronze4_large

One of the best products parenting-wise we installed was the door lock. This keypad uses custom codes for each person who needs in and out of your home, and also allows you to lock and unlock the door from anywhere. Have teens walking home from school? No need to worry about giving them keys that can get lost…they can simply enter their code to get into the house. No worrying about whether or not they got home safe. Your app will alert you when someone enters the house! This is also a wonderful convenience to use for a babysitter/nanny, housekeeper or house sitter so you aren’t handing keys out! You can disable or add codes at any time, too! You don’t even need to give codes to everyone. The housekeeper can call when they get to your home and you can unlock it for them! Such a cool safety feature!

My husband (our resident tech & security geek) recommends you plan out your security and automation needs, deciding which products suit your family best and where they will help out the most. Basically map out the areas you need to secure and automate, and then choose the products that will help you to meet those needs.

SAGE has an amazing customer service set-up that automatically adds the products you purchase to your account’s online dashboard. This helps you to get everything set up easily yourself – all of their products are made to be installed by you and their customer service is there to help if you need it, too! You don’t need to be an electrician or an alarm guru to set this up, but help is available.


Keeping our family safe is top priority to my husband and I and we don’t take it lightly. The SAGE products help keep your mind at ease, simply, while making your life a little bit easier. Check out their site today to start setting up your home security and automation system!

This post was sponsored by SAGE and products were sent to me to use for feature purposes. All opinions are my own.