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We love St. Patrick’s Day around our house-it’s filled with gold, rainbows, corned beef, shamrocks and Leprechauns! My son has been learning about Leprechauns in school and built a Leprechaun trap to bring to school in hopes of catching a little green guy. We talked about the things that Leprechauns love and are enticed by and my son announced that all the things that Leprechauns love sound like awesome candy and treats-which sparked an idea for a fun treat to take to our friends on Thursday…Leprechaun Bark!

It’s simple to make and looks so fun, so your kids and friends are sure to smile when they receive some as a gift!Leprechaun Bark Toppings

What you’ll need:
Parchment Paper
2 Bags Green Melting Candy
1 12 oz Bag White Chocolate Chips
Gold Sprinkles
Rainbow Sprinkles
Rainbow Candies
Green Candies

Start by following the directions to melt the green melting candy and white chocolate chips (separately). Spread the green candy over a large piece of parchment paper until the candy is about 1/8 inch thick. Leprechaun Bark RecipeDrop blobs of the melted white chocolate over the green and use a spoon to swirl the white over the green, creating a marbled effect.How to make Leprechaun Bark Leprechaun Bark Marbled Chocolate

Sprinkle the different toppings over the top of the melted chocolate, working quickly before the chocolate hardens.Topping Leprechaun BarkFinished Leprechaun Bark

Let the bark set for at least an hour, and then break it up into pieces.Break up Leprechaun Bark

This is so easy to make and the kids can do most of the work if you want to include them! My boys love the rainbow colors and especially the fancy golden sprinkles, which they are sure the leprechauns will LOVE!Leprechaun Bark Up Close