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Spelling Activity-

christmas crafts (1 of 2)

Spelling has never been so sweet. Match the peppermint candy’s with the words.

What you will need:

  • Peppermint Candy
  • Black Permanent marker
  • Card Stock- Colors of your choice. We went with Christmas colors.


Chain link Countdown-

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Pick up Holiday designed Christmas paper at your local craft store. Cut the paper in 2in wide sections and start looping them. One for every day.

Children are visual learners, I still am a visual learner. The reason I love this is because it puts days into a visual concept that children can easily understand. Every day we remove a chain we are closer! Very simple, yet fun craft to do with children. It also works on their counting skills and coordination when building the chains.

What you will need:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape


DIY Snowman Door-

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Probably my daughters all time favorite was decorating her door like a snowman for Christmas. This was so easy to do and only requires a few materials and 5 minutes of your time.

What you need:

  • Paper/cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Scarf-wrapping paper


Balloons are not always for birthdays!

christmas crafts (2 of 2)

Christmas Morning I plan on Blowing up 25 balloons and placing them in the children’s room, leading a trail out into our living room to the Christmas tree and presents. The dollar store has red and green balloons for .99 each package. Win win!