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Portion control can be a difficult feat, especially when it comes to busy schedules and always snacking on-the-go. Here are some simple tips from Hershey’s Moderation Nation to help you spice up your snack routine while maintaining a balanced diet. Check out these perfectly-portioned and portable snack tips to share with your readers:

1. Grapes-on-the-Go! A simple way to make grapes a grab-and-go snack is by putting them in your freezer overnight.[1] Fill up a container of frozen grapes before heading out the door in the morning and enjoy at your leisure – no refrigerator necessary! If you nibble on them while they’re still frozen they have a refreshing popsicle-like taste. By afternoon, the grapes will be thawed, but not bruised!

2. Remember this “Rule of Thumb.” Sometimes it’s tough to remember portion sizes for snacks when you’re busy and on-the-go. The best tool to use when portioning your snacks is actually always with you – your hand[2]

· The size of your thumb = a serving of cheese

· Two thumbs = a serving of your favorite nut butter

· A handful = the number of nuts you should eat

· A balled fist = a serving of fruits or veggies

3. Make It Easy to Grab Your Favorite Treat and Go! Try out a carrying case to keep treats away from your phone and wallet. Using something about the size of a lipstick case will fit easily inside any purse, so you can always have your favorite variety on hand, like HERSHEY®’S KISSES® Brand Chocolates. Four HERSHEY®’S KISSES® Brand Milk Chocolates or five HERSHEY®’S KISSES® Dark Chocolates can be enjoyed for just 100 calories. Feeling creative? Bedazzle your carrying case to make it more fun and an accessory you’ll never leave home without!




  *HERSHEY’S KISSES, the conical configuration and plume device are trademarks used with permission. I received these tips from The Hershey Company.