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Picture 42When people think wine country in the United States, they often think of Napa Valley and other hopping places in California. However, I recently spent a weekend participating in Lake Erie Wine Country’s Harvest Weekend. And what a fabulous weekend it was! This article is going to introduce you to what exactly Lake Erie Wine Country is, but stay tuned an article about my visit to the beautiful wineries and one about the most incredible stay I have ever experienced at Fairway Suites.

Lake Erie Wine Country has this beautiful 3 minute video that will introduce you to the country and let you experience the beauty that is along Lake Erie in Pennsylvania and New York. It explains why the grapes in this area provides such superior wines and grape juice:

About Lake Erie Wine Country

Lake Erie Wine Country stretches 50 miles along Pennsylvania and New York, located in the heart of America’s Grape Country between Harborcreek, Pennsylvania and Silver Creek, New York. It covers 30,000 acres, the majority of which are native to the area. In those 50 miles, you’ll find 24 wineries–some are so close together that it takes only minutes to drive from one to the next!

Lake Erie Wine Country offers the 24 wineries, wine tours, dining and lodging. You won’t be disapointed when visiting this historical wine country!

Find Lake Erie Wine Country at their website, follow them on Facebook or connect with them on Twitter.

Don’t forget to check out the upcoming articles about the wineries and the Fairway Suites!

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