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I always admire professional athletes who take the time out of their busy schedules to educate and spend time with our youth.

Last week my family and I had the privilege of getting to meet Klay Thompson during a youth sports clinic and shootout, sponsored by BodyArmor Sports Drink, at Jamtown in Oakland, California. Klay Thompson was instrumental in helping the success of the Golden State Warriors this past year and has become an idol to many people, including my children.

Kids with Klay Thompson

Kids of all ages lined up and were ready to get pointers from NBA finals champion Klay Thompson. While the kids were warming up, a friendly—and very entertaining— three-point shootout took place between Klay Thompson and five contest winners. 

Needless to say that Klay Thompson was not rusty at all during this off season and won the competition.

3 point competition

After the three-point shootout, the kids that were warming up headed to the front for some special time with Klay Thompson. They were given pointers and got a chance to get personal on the court with him. Such a privilege!


Once done the kids got some refreshments from BodyArmor Sports Drinks and posed for a photo with the NBA champ.

Klay Day

To conclude the event, we were invited to a private Q&A session with Klay Thompson. There we got to ask questions about the success of the Warriors, when he started playing basketball, and more. We even got to learn about Klay Thomspon’s partnership with BodyArmor Sports Drinks.

Klay Thompson Q&A

If you’ve been following the blog then you know about our love of BodyArmor and how we made the switch and “upgraded our sports drink.” We were thrilled when we learned that Klay Thompson signed an endorsement with them and weren’t too surprised when our four-year-old son decided to answer a question from the spokesperson at the Q&A session. The question was to name one of the key ingredients inside a BodyArmor sports drink. Without even a hesitation, he raised his hand and quickly said “coconut water!” Yes, this little guy knows exactly what’s inside a BodyArmor Sports Drink and because of that he won a signed poster!


We are looking forward to seeing how the partnership between BodyArmor Sports Drinks and Klay Thompson evolves and were so thankful to attend such a phenomenal event!