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Getting ready for your child’s first day at school can be a rough one. I was happy to find so many great items to help my daughter transition into Kindergarten. I did a lot of researching to find my the top picks for Kindergarten, though many of these can be used for any ages starting school. Simple, reliable and stylish were the top priortites on my list.  I put together a list of items we personally used and found best for getting us all through the school year.



Chalking It Up Boards is an Etsy shop designed by two awesome moms who love making custom boards to complete any event! They have everything you need here: First Day Signs,  pregnancy countdowns, pregnancy reveals, birthday posters, invitations, wedding posters, baby shower posters and gender reveals, retirement posters, graduation posters, party packs and more! The quality is amazing and the customer service is superb!

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These are perfect to document your child’s first day of school. We had our daughters favorite foods, colors, age, school and everything she currently loves right now put on her chalkboard. They are customized to perfection and made to match any event you have.

Chalking It Up Boards start at $30.00 and can be purchased through their online Etsy Shop


Juice in the Box

One of the best Reusable Juice Boxes there is! Not only is the Juice Box perfect for school and travel it is BPA and Phthalate Free. It is easy to clean and we have not had one problem with ours leaking, it is great. I hesitate to give my daughter juice boxes even at school because she tends to squeeze them. The initial opening of most juice boxes always leaves her with juice all over her nice clothes and by the time I get to her the stains have already set in.

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I love that I can control what my daughter drinks at school with the reusable Juice Box. Though there are many options out there these are so great because it is compact and not too bulky. It fits right in her lunch box and we have never had a problem with leaks. Juice in the Box has a nifty top that flips up and is easy for her to press unlike some reusable cup options that are very hard for her to open and close which almost always end up in a leak. The last thing we need is a juice filled lunch box or sticky car seat.

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I highly recommend these and they are very affordable. You can purchase Juice in the Box on Amazon for only $13.62

PackIT Freezable Lunch Bag

I really love this lunch bag for a number of reasons. The Packit Is a freezable lunch cooler that is designed to keep the contents cool for up to 10 hours and it lives up to its expectation. We chose the Packit for my daughter when starting Kindergarten because I wanted something I could guarantee to keep her lunch nice and cool since most of the snacks she brings requires them to be refrigerated from going bad and in Kindergarten the lunch bag stays in her backpack all day. When I pick her up after a 6 hour long day her bag is still cool!

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The Pack It is also very large,  it fits my daughters Pottery Barn Bento box (which is not small)  as well as another snack and 1-2 drinks. They also come in great styles for boys and girls or even solid colors for adults. It seals with a Velcro pouch and zipper, we have not had any problems with this and we will be purchasing another when my son starts school.

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You can purchase the PackIT Freezable Lunch Bag on Amazon for $19.99

Paper From Heaven

Check out these Awesome Crayon Holders that roll up and hold up to 24 crayons or 8 Jumbo crayons. I just love everything about these. They are perfect for children going to school, so you do not have to worry about crayons getting lost and it helps keep them organized while looking super cute in all the stylish options available. These are also great for moms to take with you in a baby bag if you are going out for the day and you can avoid a huge mess in your bag or purse. The quality is great and not only holds crayons but you can use these for pens, pencils or paint brushes as well. These start at only $7.00 on Paper From Heaven’s Etsy Shop


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Pottery Barn Bento Box

Pottery Barn’s Bento Boxes are some of my favorites. They are simple and do their job perfectly. They have 5 separate compartments to place your Childs food in and one of them is a closed compartment ( I like to use this one for the treat/desert) They also come in solid colors which I like because my child always likes to decorate her lunch boxes with stickers and things she likes. The Bento Boxes are so worth the $16.50 and also have free shipping.

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Lunch box notes

I noticed several sites that sell lunchbox notes, but when I was thinking about purchasing I thought, I can do that! I love adding quotes, doodles and thoughts to my daughters lunchbox. I know she cannot read them all now but she told me her favorite part about lunch time was looking to see what I put in her lunch box. For my notes I went through my crafts box (I know you have one too) and used some of my favorite items.

Washi Tape


Note Cards

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You can have so much fun with these little cards! I like Washi Tape because it is fun, bright and can easily be removed to put on a new note the next day. Stamps are great because if you purchase the alphabet you can then personalize any note! I purchased most of my crafts at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Always bring a coupon when you go because each store always has a 40-50% off you can use on one of your purchases making it a deal!


Sight  Words, flash cards and Learning Bingo Game

Henry and Taylor make an amazing Kindergarten set that is great for every child starting school. The set helps them read and everything is color coordinated to match. My daughters asks to read these every night after dinner, it has made learning very fun and stress free for her.
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Sight Words are those used in the Corona Norco area schools.
Lists A – E are used in Transitional Kinder and Kindergarten classes.
Flash Cards are bound with a removable metal ring and are approximately 2.5 x 2 inches.
Charts measure approx. 5.5 x 8.5 inches and are bound with a removable metal ring.

Bingo game includes:
6 Bingo Cards (up to six players).
50 Word Cards (to call out words).
Star Shaped Game Markers made from foam paper.
Durable plastic case to keep Bingo game pieces organized.
Bingo Game is color coordinated to match the Kindergarten Flash Cards and Charts.
This Bingo game makes learning fun and easy. The summer special with both sets is currently $25.50 at Henry and Taylors Etsy Shop.


The Idea Box Kids

The Idea Box Kids brings fun, play-based, child-led activities into your home & home-learning environment. The creator Jennifer’s emphasis is on creating developmentally appropriate products that will encourage your child to lead themselves wherever they need to go…while making it easy for you! These are SO great! My daughter is such a picky eater that her starting school really made me nervous that she would not eat. The Ideas Lunch box has helped so much with this. It includes your child in the decision making process of making their lunch and choosing items which I feel plays a huge part in children being open to try new foods.

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The Idea Box also makes all kinds of other creative boxes such as, Summertime activities, Story box, Toddler, Quite time and so much more. I could go crazy and buy they all, such a great idea! The boxes are $17.99 through their Etsy store.


Personalized Waterproof Labels by Digital Doodle Bug

These adorable name stickers made by Digital Doodle Bug are completely PERSONALIZED. Each sticker is 1″ x 2.625″. They’re perfect for sippy cups, lunch boxes, toys, books, and more. 1 Sheet of 30 stickers with 3 different designs. I had my daughter’s name put on the Superhero stickers for her lunch box and crayon boxes. All the kids at school were asking about them! They are so fabulous and so very affordable at only $6.00 over at Digital Doodle Bugs Etsy shop. They are also waterproof and scratch resistant. I even tested this off when washing my daughters Bento Box. Fabulous and a must have for school!

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Paper lunch Bags for school, Everyday of the week by Shop Moo Point

The quintessential eco-friendly & rustic weekly brown paper lunch bags for school are simply and cute! It helps to keeps lunch items organized and helps me prep for a busy school week. These are Available in 1 month sets – 20 paper bags – printed with days of the week and a couple of lines for you to write down – what’s in the bag…or not! It has also helped with my daughters reading because she can now read every day of the week and she loves to participate in making her lunches now, something we did struggle with before. These start at $12.37 over at Shop Moo Points Etsy shop.



Zoo Animal Cookie Cutter Set- Used for creative sandwiches

I purchased these animal cookie cutters to make my daughters sandwiches for school super fun! The Set includes a lion, monkey, elephant, giraffe, and zebra shapes. All you need to do is make the sandwich and use the cookies cutter to cut out the animal shapes. My 5 year old just loves these and even asks for specific animals every day of the week. They are so much fun! You can purchase these for only $6.99 on Amazon


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Affordable Backpacks by Cotton On Kids are the cutest most affordable backpacks I have seen at only $9.95!





It can be very stressful as a parent getting your child ready for school and making sure everything is perfect. I know I didn’t sleep the night before and was more anxious than she was. What helped was to know I had so many items for her to help her with the transition and this really did relieve some of the anxiety I was dealing with. Feeling like I had some organization and preparedness  helped tremendously and I hope this helps all of you!