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The Kidz Bop Live 2018 Tour is underway and not to be missed!

A night filled with your kids’ favorite top radio hits performed by the Kidz Bop kids is sure to make for a memorable night for your whole family.

My kids absolutely love listening to Kidz Bop songs, I love that they are family friendly versions of the most popular songs on the pop charts, and the Kidz Bop Live tour is everything your family wants for a night out and more.

My son has been asking about going to a concert lately but he isn’t really a dedicated fan of any one artist, just the songs he hears on the radio. So when I saw that the Kidz Bop Live Tour would be in town ON his birthday, we jumped at the chance to take him to his first concert-one that he would know every single song!KidzBop Live 2018 Boise

We were impressed from the get go. As families were finding their seats, there were videos of the Kidz Bop Kids teaching the dances for a few of the songs and showing home videos of their tour life on the bus. The kids all seemed to love it!

The show started with a bang and went right into the hits. From “Shake it Off” to “Havana” and “Thunder”, each and every song was a sing along with all of the fans in the audience.

A few songs in, the performers called a few parents on stage to get them into the fun with a 90’s dance off that left the whole arena in giggles.KidzBop Live Tour in Boise

Giant beach balls made their way through the audience as concert t-shirts were thrown out into the crowd, much to the kids’ delight. The Kidz Bop Kids were great hosts and danced the night away while singing all of my son’s favorite songs.

By the end of the night, the entire arena was one giant dance party and as I looked around, not a soul in the place was sitting still. Parents and kids alike were dancing, singing along and having the time of their lives. As the concert ended, the crowd cheered for an encore and the kids came back out to finish the night with “Can’t Stop The Feeling” with canons blasting showers of white confetti into the air.KidzBop Live 2018 Boise (1)

My son had an amazing night he said was the “BEST EVER!” and proudly wore his new Kidz Bop Live shirt to school the next Monday.

You can check out the Kidz Bop Live Tour when it comes to a city near you too! Check out their tour schedule HERE.