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Kids Talk- What is Family?In celebration of the holidays, we decided to ask children of all different ages a simple question, “What is family?” Here you will find their unprompted, unscripted answers! We share some of our own Simply Real Kids on video with their answers and have answers from kids of various ages to share as well. It’s beautiful to hear what children have to say about family no matter what their age is. We hope you enjoy–”What is family?”–and welcome you to ask your children the question and share their response in the comments.

Christopher, age 3

Miles, age 4

Ethan, age 7

Brid, age 13

Reid, age 15

Family to me is everything. It’s a everlasting bond of love and friendship that grows with time. With family, comes the security of knowing you have people there for you at all times throughout your life. Though families fight sometimes we always have great moments in time that we can look back on with a smile.

Paige, age 10

I think family is the people you are related to and ones you are supposed to love the most.

Molly, age 11

Family is somebody that you can have help with or help them and they always watch out for you. And give you food.

Erynn, age 13

To me family is anyone who is really close to me and I care about.