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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Levi’s Kids.

Jeans are such a staple piece for any outfit and Levi’s has been a huge influencer when it comes to style for both kids and adults. I remember as a teen, I would bring my favorite binder to school. The binder was used by my mom as a teenager and was wrapped in some Levi’s jeans fabric and on the outside center had a pocket that was taken from a pair of Levi’s with the iconic red tag. Classmates would recognize the tag from far away and stop me in the halls to tell me how cool the binder was. It wasn’t the fact the binder was wrapped in denim fabric that made it cool, it was the fact it was wrapped in an old pair of Levi’s jeans that made it what it was… a fashion statement.

Now that my kids are back in school, my love of Levi’s has passed on to my children as well and we are so excited about Levi’s Kids clothing line. There are so many different washes and styles that there really is a pair of Levi’s jeans out there for everyone. My son’s favorite jeans are his Levi’s Kids 511 Knit Jeans. These have to be the softest, most comfortable jeans I have ever felt. They may look like denim, but they feel like sweat pants. He can run around outside with his friends, ride his bike, and be completely comfortable. Often times your favorite jeans are the ones the most worn. It is because the denim becomes softer. With these, they already feel like you have worn them 100 times, but the quality of a new pair of jeans is still there. No wonder why they easily became his favorite, go-to jean. Plus, they look stylish on too!


Levi’s isn’t known just for their denim though; they have a ton of stylish shirts as well. A great look for the fall is this plaid Levi’s button up shirt. For days like picture day or going out to dinner, he can wear the shirt buttoned up, and for days he wants to go to the movies with his friends or just hang out, he can unbutton it with a t-shirt of his choice underneath.


There are so many great ways to wear a pair of Levi’s Kids jeans. Kids’ personalities shine the most when they are comfortable in their clothing and can wear things that represent them and that’s why we love Levi’s Kids.  The jeans are always in style, they are made of quality denim, and my son can be himself and do activities he enjoys while rocking his favorite jeans!


Levi’s® is for kids who know they were born bold and aren’t afraid to show it. Give your kids classic American style and effortless cool when they head back to school. The Levi’s Kids Collection is available at #LevisKids


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