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Stay safe and enjoy the endless days of summer with these 8 essential tips for summer safety.

With summer comes carefree time for playing outside, swimming, campfires, and vacations. At the same time comes added risks and safety concerns. Following these tips can help you and your family have the summer you want!

  • Protect your family’s body from the sun. For sunscreen, we recommend Episencial Sunny Sunscreen which is ecofriendly and safe from birth. Protecting skin goes beyond sunscreen, though. Use a chap-stick with SPF in it, wear sunglasses and a sunhat. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen after swimming or every few hours outside.
  • Keep everyone’s bodies hydrated. Encourage your family to drink lots of water throughout the day.
  • Carry first aid precautions with you. Be prepared for bites, stings, and basic scrapes, bruises, and bumps. Keep anti-sting wipes, antibacterial wipes, band aids, and an instant ice pack.
  • Always stay with your children the entire time they are swimming at a lake, pool, or the ocean. A must read is this: Water Safety What Every Parent Should Know.
  • Stay safe at the playground. Many injuries occur on playgrounds every year. Before letting your child play, check the equipment for anything broken. If a playground isn’t shaded, it can get hot in the summer-so check for equipment to be too hot. Stay close to your children when they are exploring, especially when climbing. Also, be sure your children are wearing shoes that have heel straps to help prevent injuries.
  • Summer is a time when children love riding their bikes. Children and adults should always wear helmets, no matter where you are riding or for how short of a ride you are going on. Even the best of bike riders need to be cautious.
  • Take care around campfires. Make sure you set a parameter to help children keep a safe distance from the fire. Always make sure to put fires out completely before leaving.
  • Boat safety is also important in the summer. Even the most experienced of swimmers should wear an approved life jacket. Make sure the life jacket is the proper size for your child.

Check out Summer Safety Tips for Kids from PBS for more great tips to ensure a safe summer.