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A couple weeks ago I shared with you why Hotel Transylvania makes for a great movie to watch this Fall with your children. My son has been so excited about the movie and calls my name whenever the trailer for the movie comes on television. By now he knows the trailer word-for-word, which shows you just how excited he is for this movie to come out! Since Hotel Transylvania won’t be in theaters until the 28th of this month, I needed something to hold my son’s patience over with. Luckily Hotel Transylvania has some fun games you can play by visiting their website at: My son’s favorite is their Social Game!

To play the Social Game is easy. The link takes you to your Facebook page where it logs into the games section. Once there, the Social Game explains step-by-step how to play the game, letting your kids do the steps as they follow along. In the Social Games your kids build and run Hotel Transylvania. The buy rooms, beds and decor’. But of course no hotel is complete without Zombie bellhops! Kids create, manage, and feed the bellhops. They are also in charge of checking in and out the guests in a timely manner. This teaches kids responsibility while having fun and we just can’t get enough of the game!

“Run and create a Five-Scare resort! Build and decorate a staff of zombies and serve the needs of monsters. Managing a monster hotel is a spectacular job!”

I decided to ask my son a few questions about the game. Here are my son’s thoughts on Hotel Transylvania Social Game:

Me: Are you excited for Hotel Transylvania?

Ethan: YES!

Me: What is your favorite part from the movie trailer?

Ethan: When the skeleton says “What is wrong with you people?”

Me: Who is you favorite character from the movie?

Ethan: Wayne the Werewolf.

Me: What is your favorite thing to do on the Social Game?

Ethan: Um, make the zombies and building the rooms. I like to make the construction go faster!

Me: Is it fun making the Zombie Bellhops come to life? 

Ethan: YEAH, I really like doing that. The slow ones are kinda funny.

Me: Would you tell your friends to play this game?

Ethan:Yeah I would! I want to show my best friend Logan how to play. I am going to tell him at recess tomorrow.

Sony Pictures Presents “Hotel Transylvania”, where monsters go to get away from it all. Check in September 2012.

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