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I adore the beach.
I love the sound of the waves, the smells, the feel of sand in your toes…I love it all.
But things have gotten a little harder now that we have a little one to bring along. Don’t get me wrong- he loves the beach too! But the clean up is ridiculous.
Why isn’t there a bathtub at every beach?! It would make clean up after beach time with bebe a little easier, ok?
But check out my beach bag must have!

The Powder Pouch!
It’s a cotton bag filled with Talc Powder that you simply rub on your sandy skin, and the sand falls right off!! No more sandy cars, no more raw feet, no more terribly sandy diaper changes!!!
Each pouch is washable AND refillable, so they’re a great little buddy to take to the lake or the beach this summer.
BUT! These are also easily made at home if you are able to sew. Just sew a simple pouch out of cotton fabric (cute fabric, of course!), sew some velcro across the top so you can close it, and fill it up with Talc or baby powder!!! Keep it in a ziplock, and your’re golden!
So. Lesson learned?! Rubbing powder on your skin will remove sand. Awesome tip, and I use it all the time!!!

*I was in no way compensated by Powder Pouch. I just love the beach, hate having sand in weird places, and they have a great product!