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Your family, pets and your home are so important to you! Home security systems can cost so much money and then you still have to pay a monthly fee to use them! We want to share a brand of cameras we just found out about that will take care of all your monitoring needs all in one at an AFFORDABLE price (and NO monthly fees, either!) IZON CameraThe IZON cameras are very modern, sleek video monitors that use WiFi connectablilty to be viewed (with password protection and connection that only works on YOUR account) by you anywhere you are!

Whether you need a camera to monitor your baby at nap and bed time, a camera to keep a watchful eye in the playroom while you make dinner, a camera to have peace of mind when your children are at home with a babysitter or even to check in on your pets and home when you can’t be there, these cameras are great for any purpose and the app is easy to use!

We put the IZON View into our older son’s room for now, since he has trouble staying in bed at night. With the nightvision availability, we are able to keep a better eye on him and know when he’s snuck out of bed. It’s been so helpful to have the IZON View in his room at night because he knows we are watching him and he is less likely to get up and mess around now. The picture is clear both day and night (nighttime is a little fuzzier than daytime, but that is standard-even in professional cameras), and the small slim camera is low profile enough that it doesn’t pique my son’s interest to play with it!

IZON Up CloseIZON app screen shot

We put the IZON 2.0 into my younger son’s room because we didn’t need night time vision as he sleeps no problem at night. It has all the same features as the IZON View, just without the night time video capapbility and it’s the perfect choice for his room.


We also move the cameras into the living room when we leave the house to use as a security camera! Because the app will alert me when there is sound or movement in the house while we are away, we can immediately look at what is happening and choose to use the nifty recording feature to record (should we need to!). Sometimes we leave them in the living room, and no one is the wiser that we have cameras in the home because of their low-profile sleek design! With a husband who works in the video/security industry, knowing how much money we are saving by buying these high quality cameras that work just as well (shhhh! don’t tell!) as the professional cameras is the best solution for DIY home security AND baby monitors! A multifunctional product?! My favorite thing!

The app (iOS 5+ and Android 4.2+ compatible) that is used with the cameras is easy to navigate and probably the best functioning WiFi monitor app I have used yet. Most apps I have used have been extremely frustrating because they don’t seem to stay connected to the camera, or features that are used to sell the camera just don’t work right. We end up not using the WiFi ability and only use the Camera/Monitor. I was interested in how well the IZON cameras worked with the app since they don’t come with a direct monitor and it’s ONLY through the app. We had difficulty setting the cameras up, it was tricky and unlike any other WiFi camera we have used. The connection from the camera to our app took a little time, but once the cameras were connected, we haven’t had one problem since! In fact, I LOVE the app, it is easy to use and navigate, and I can see all the cameras we have connected to our account all in one place! (There is no fee or monthly subscription to use the app and view your cameras).

The record feature is neat, not only for home security, but you can take video and screen shots of your little one when they’re being cute as can be to send along to family and friends! Such a fun feature on the app!

The ease and convenience of these cameras and app make it a top choice in WiFi monitors in my book. They are versatile and multifunctional, and the app is user friendly and reliable. Being able to use your phone or tablet to keep from having one more item in your home (an extra monitor) is a nice convenience too!

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