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I love wearing my son. I love wearing him so much that I own seven babycarriers! Some of them I have only used once or twice whereas others I have used over and over again. The Sleepy Wrap (now called the Boba Wrap) was my go to carrier for the first 9 months of Christopher’s life. The Boba Wrap, hands down, came to the rescue time after time in the busy life of being a single mother of two.

The Boba Wrap is a wrap that allows for multiple positions to hold your child while in still being comfortable and providing appropriate support for baby’s hip and legs. The material is breathable. I love using the Boba Wrap because there aren’t buckles to adjust and it fits perfect every time. Christopher was always comfortable and took many naps in the Boba Wrap.

When he was a newborn, he most enjoyed the Newborn Hold. He liked the comfort of being close to me with his legs tucked inside the wrap. Even though he was over 8 lbs at birth, he still liked that snug comfort of the fetal position. We all know how some people can not seem to resist the urge to touch babies. Having Christopher in the Boba Wrap while doing things like grocery shopping was great for keeping prying and poking hands away from his face and hands during the newborn stage.

As he grew, we used the Love Your Baby Hold with the Wrap most often. My daughter has dance competitions and recitals where we wouldn’t be home for entire days at a time. I literally kept my Boba Wrap on the entire day, wearing Christopher for hours! I would take him out and let him have time to play, of course. But while traveling, he did all of his napping in the Boba Wrap. Also, we all know that babies sometimes want to be held, even when other family members need meals cooked or cleaning needs to be done. Boba Wrap to the rescue! I can not tell you how many meals were cooked with Christopher in the wrap.

I have never been a fan of carrying around a carseat, so I wanted to find a way to have ease and convenience while out and about with my son. The Boba Wrap was the perfect fit for me. I simply put the Boba Wrap on before leaving the house and placed him in the wrap when arriving at our destination, be it the store, the elementary school, the library. Always ready and always comfortable, we were set. This was even possible in the winter. I put the Boba Wrap on under my winter jacket so we would be prepared wherever we went. People could never believe what a content baby Christopher was when we were out. But what baby wouldn’t be content snuggled up with their mother in a comfortable, secure wrap?

I can not say enough good things about the Boba Wrap. It was, hands down, the single most used item for the first year of Christopher’s life. I can still use it now, at 18 months, although I much prefer a soft structured carrier at this point. You can follow Boba on Facebook and Twitter.

I was not compensated in any way for this post, i personally own and love this product.