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Innobaby, get to know them. They have to be one of the best companies out there when it comes to serving and storing food. I am absolutely in LOVE with their Packin’ SMART Lock & Lock Stacking Bento. Seriously, best storing container E.V.E.R!

What makes this stacking bento so great?

One word- Everything! This amazing bento is the perfect container for storing food. I am not a fan of having to store snacks in the separate containers. Especially when I am bringing a healthy snack like yogurt and granola or cottage cheese and pineapple (I swear it taste better than it sounds). With the Packin’ SMART Lock & Lock Stacking Bento, I get three separate compartments to put my food into. And the best part? They stack and lock, so I am left with one container to carry instead of three!


Check out the features!

  • see through top lid with locking side panels
  • removable silicone seal for divided compartment
  • slim dividing tray for separating main compartment to divided compartment
  • main compartment = 12 oz
  • divided compartment = 8 oz (4 oz each side).
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • bpa-,phthalates-, pvc-, lead FREE.

The Packin’ SMART Lock & Lock Stacking Bento easily fits into any of my diaper bags. I can even fit it into my purse for a quick errand run or my son’s lunchbox to take to school. The lock is easy enough for my five year old to undo, but hard enough so my 18 month old won’t accidentally open it and dump everything out. The bottom container is big enough to put cut up squares of sandwiches too.

The Packin’ SMART Lock & Lock Stacking Bento makes life so much easier for us. We are always on the go and this makes bringing snacks out with us helpful.  Innobaby really made a product that will benefit every parent and I highly recommend this!

Please check out their website to learn more about Innobaby or to purchase a Packin’ SMART Lock & Lock Stacking Bento:

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I received a product to review, but all opinions are my own.