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Imaginative play inspires adventures and encourages creativity. Zrinka, the owner of Owls and Co has the most unique and detailed handmade little dolls for every child.

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You do not get the same quality when you purchase at stores, a lot of love and time goes into each doll created. When buying handmade you cannot compare mass produced items to artisan created items when it comes to detail, quality, uniqueness and inspiration.

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What child doesn’t want to be a Pirate or a Superhero, even just for a little while? Imagination is a wonderful thing. Owls and Co dolls are a great way to promote imaginative play and support creativity, emotion and social skills.

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When I watch my daughter play with her dolls, she is in another world. We promote imagination as much as possible in our home. While my kids love the IPad and movies, I feel like it takes away from their ability to utilize their thoughts and skills.

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These dolls are perfect for my daughter which is 5 years old. She played with them for hours in her playhouse and did not want to share, good thing we have two!


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The cutest pirate doll you can ask for, and 100% handmade. The Pirate doll comes with a removable hook, hat, eye patch, belt, boots and a sword. He is so very colorful and soft to touch. Don’t let the picture fool you, he is large at 19” tall and the prefect size for children.

Miss Superhero

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Quite possibly the cutest doll I have ever seen! She is so colorful with yellow braided hair and also comes with a removable mask, cape and skirt. My five year old is in love with the little miss superhero. I just love that Zrinka created a superhero girl to empower girls as well. She can fly, sing ,dance and save the imaginative world all at the same time.

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Check out Owls and Co and all Zrinka’s creations. The dolls start at $40 and they are worth every penny. Make sure you check out Owls and Co’s Facebook page for the latest updates and use code SIMPLYREALMOMS for 10% off through September 30th.