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Last weekend Hyundai invited me to their launch of the all-new 2013 Santa Fe in Coronado, California. Hyundai knows how to host an event and this was a weekend I will never forget.

The weekend started with the arrival at the historic Hotel Del Coronado. If you are not familiar with this famous hotel, it has been an iconic travel destination for actors, socialites and even Presidents. This hotel is also famous for it’s haunted history, which I experienced while staying there. Yes, you read that right, paranormal activity that had me so spooked I ended up sharing a room with my new friend, The Denver Housewife. It has been known that if you stay at Hotel Del Coronado to expect your lights to turn on and off throughout the night. What I wasn’t expecting was my sweater and socks to disappear overnight and reappear on top of my bag before checking out. Call it a coincidence or not, things were just not adding up. Regardless of the paranormal activity I experienced, this hotel is beyond impressive. It’s no wonder why it is one of the top hotels to visit. From the breathtaking views to the friendly staff and luxurious rooms, the Hotel Del Coronado couldn’t have been a more perfect location for this event.

After getting settled into my room and exploring the hotel, Hyundai kicked off the weekend with a fabulous reception and dinner. This was a great opportunity for me to meet other bloggers that I am sure you all know and love: The Denver Housewife, Addicted to Saving, A Mom’s Impression, Suburban Coupon Mom, Mom Start and many more. The dinner was incredible, which seemed to be a common theme throughout the weekend. The meal easily could have been some of the best food I have ever consumed.

On Saturday morning we ate breakfast and headed to our product presentations before our beautiful drive. This allowed us to listen to the folks at Hyundai and ask as many questions as we wanted. I loved hearing firsthand about the changes they made to make their Santa Fe a more family-friendly vehicle. They were already earning points with me, but this just sealed the deal.

After the presentation we headed to the parking lot where we had about a dozen 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe’s waiting for us. It made me feel like a kid in a candy shop as Kathy (from A Mom’s Impression) and I chose which Santa Fe we wanted for our drive.

The drive started from the beautiful town of Coronado, CA to San Diego, CA through freeways, streets and gorgeous winding roads. The scenes were beautiful and it really allowed me to test out how the car handles different roads, the comfort level, and all the fun gadgets inside the car that make everyday driving easier and much more enjoyable. You can read more about the Hyundai Drive experience here. Here are some pictures I took halfway through our drive:

After the scenic drive we stopped at a restaurant called Julian Grille, where they are famous for their pies. I will be completely honest and admit I am not a pie eater. Something about cooked fruit has never been appetizing to me. But since I was in a place known for them I decided to give it a try. The pie was delicious! I ended up not eating most of the pie filling, but that crust was to die for and the filling was surprisingly good! If you like pie, you will definitely love this place!

After lunch we split ways. Some went to the San Diego Zoo while the rest went paragliding. I’ve been to the San Diego Zoo before and just couldn’t pass up the chance to go paragliding at Torrey Pines Gliderpoint.

Three words could easily sum up my thoughts on paragliding: Best. Experience. Ever! I know most of the bloggers were worried about walking off a cliff and the landing being painful on their knees. I’ll admit, the thought of just running off a cliff made me a little anxious, but during my flight we took off before we even reached the cliff. Landing also had to have been the easiest thing–all I had to do was stand up after he landed us. If you ever have the opportunity to do paragliding, please do! I promise it isn’t as scary as you may think.

After paragliding, my drive partner and I headed back to the hotel for our last dinner. We all met in the lobby of Hotel Del Coronado and walked just a couple blocks to a French restaurant called Chez Loma.

The food at Chez Loma was outstanding, however the service was incredibly slow. It also may have been due to the 30 people in our party. Luckily we had a wonderful group with us so conversations that included in person as well as tweeting each other while sitting next to one another took place. Oh, and let’s not forget the few glasses of wine I consumed while waiting for the main course.

Overall this experience far exceeded any other event I have been to. It will be hard to outdo them. A huge thank you to Hyundai for letting Simply Real Moms be a part of this New Santa Fe event. If you would like to see more photos from the event, you can view our hashtag on Instagram and Twitter: #NewSantaFe

Until next time….

*My travel, lodging, food and activities were paid for by Hyundai. All opinions are my own.