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I wish it were easy to lose weight, but for someone like me who has had 3 kids and is nearing 40 (eek), I can literally look at a piece of cake and gain 10 pounds. My metabolism is slowing and my energy is decreasing (insert the sound of a small violin).

Recently, I looked into the mirror and pretty much scared myself. How did I gain that much weight? While I’d like to blame that quarantine 15, I’m pretty sure my bad habits were forming prior. While I don’t mind working out, I’ve been looking for other ways to help shed those unwanted pounds and I’m happy to say that I have found some incredible ways that have truly help me! I’ve been implementing a few things that have not only helped with the weight loss but have given me energy enough to chase my toddler and even start working out.

Trust me, it hasn’t been an easy path, but I truly believe if I hadn’t started losing weight without working out, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.

So what are the steps that I took to lose weight without working out?

Portion Control –

This is probably a big one. I love food. LOVE. I’m someone who has always had to have seconds (and sometimes thirds). I feel guilty not eating all the food on my plate and had created an unrealistic expectation of what my portions should look like. Welcome to America, right? We like big portions and we cannot lie.

Knowing what size portions you should eat can really help someone drastically lose weight in a healthy way. I’m not a big person on calorie counting, although, maybe I should be. But I feel if you’re portioning what you’re eating and trying to eat more healthy, the weight will start to shed. It’s worked for myself as well as a lot of friends I know.

So how do you know what portions should look like? Thankfully there are so many items out there to help!

I’m obsessed with this plate! It’s not only cute, but it’s also super affordable and gets the job done.

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This 14-day set has been proven to work and what I’ve been using to learn my portion control. I like that I can take these with me wherever I go and use them for meal prepping.

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Hydrate –

Hydration is key! It’s amazing how much your body is craving water and what can happen once you start hydrating it. While often something a lot of people struggle with, there are some great ways to slowly get yourself in the habit of drinking more water and enjoying it.

One way is to start drinking infused water. I love how many things you can incorporate into your water. Mint, watermelon, lemon, berries, and more! One of my favorite flavors is this Cucumber Strawberry Infused Water but here’s another list of 23 different options.

Investing in a good water bottle is another option. Having a reusable water bottle that you fill up is a great way to be more eco-conscious and help you live a healthier life while you’re doing it.

This water bottle has you covered from morning to night to make sure you’re getting exactly the water amount your body needs.

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If you’re leaning towards drinking more infused water over plain water, there are water bottles that are made specifically for that!

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Limit Alcohol Intake –

I know, boo! Sometimes having a nice drink at the end of the day is appreciated. However, drinking excessively, especially those sugary drinks is doing more harm than good. If you must have a drink, I recommend looking for lower calorie, lower sugar options. Thankfully, more options have become available. My favorites are FitVine (not sponsored, just love this wine), White Claws, and vodka sodas.

Dance – 

Like no one’s watching! Because they’re not, they’re all quarantined at home. No seriously, turn up the tunes, and just dance. It’s been said that if you weigh 155 pounds, you burn almost 7 calories per minute. Not only will you be burning calories, but it’s a great stress reliever, too!

Get Rid of Processed Foods –

I know this isn’t always easy, but think about what has to go into a lot of these processed (boxed and canned) foods. Many of them are filled with ingredients that aren’t the best for our bodies. Start paying attention to how much saturated fats, sugar, and sodium that are in these items you’re buying and opt for the ones that are using healthier ingredients. Just remember not all peanut butter, yogurts, etc are good for us. Always look at the back before buying and when you can, try making some of these from scratch so you know exactly what ingredients you’re putting in.

Eat More Greens –

If you aren’t a huge fan of veggies, you’ll be happy to know there are some cool tricks to make them taste better. I’m a huge believer that sauteeing veggies with other ingredients is the way to go. Try incorporating garlic, onions, lemons, etc. Get creative! You can juice, bake, saute, grill, and even air fry!

Here’s a great recipe for baked broccoli that changed my life! I promise you, you won’t want it any other way after trying it.

Cook more –

The more you cook at home, the less tempted you’ll be to order foods that aren’t the most healthy. If I see a side of fries or a chocolate cake for dessert, I know I’m going to order it. By cooking at home, not only are you saving money and going to be less tempted, but you’ll also know how your food is being cooked. Many restaurants use butter and other fattening ingredients to cook. By cooking at home, you can avoid any unknown ingredients.

Take a walk –

Get outside and walk a little. It doesn’t have to be much but getting outside for a little walk can help burn calories, get some vitamin D, and be good for your overall health!

Get Enough Sleep –

I know it’s hard sometimes to get enough sleep, especially as a parent. But getting enough sleep can be a key reason why you may be gaining weight. Did you know that poor sleep can help increase appetite? Poor sleep has also repeatedly been linked to a higher body mass index and weight gain. Here are more about the reasons why getting enough sleep can help you lose weight.

Chew Gum –

Got a craving? Opt for some gum instead. Snacking is something that many people do when bored and chewing gum can actually help curb the craving by giving your mouth something to do.



Disclaimer: I’m not a medical advisor and this should never replace that of a professional. These items just worked for me and I wanted to share that with our readers.