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Ah summertime, one of my favorite seasons. Summertime has so many fond memories for me. It’s a time my family and I get out and truly explore the true beauty of mother nature. Ever since my oldest was born we have been out on hiking trails with him. Packed in a baby carrier we would travel around Northern California experiencing all the wonderful trails we have near us. Hiking is something that my family makes a tradition of and we look forward to exploring new places.


Luckily for us we have an amazing local regional park full of hiking trails that we can visit during the weekends when we don’t have time to travel. It’s a great way to kill time during the summertime and let my two boys burn off some of that never ending energy.

Something fun we love to do during our hiking adventures is pack a light lunch in a backpack and stop halfway for a quick bite to eat. It helps us refuel for our second, and final, leg of our hike. After hiking for over an hour before lunch, usually our hands aren’t in the best condition to touch our food. Dirt tends to find its way onto our hands and there are never any bathrooms in sight to wash them. After dealing with this dilemma before, we know now the importance of carrying a supply of Wet-Naps with us.


Wet-Naps come in three different styles: 101 count Hand,Face, and Body  Pop Up Cleansing Wipes that are perfect for camping, canisters of Antibacterial Hand Wipes which are perfect for in the car or at home, and individual packettes of Antibacterial Hand Wipes which I happen to find perfect for hiking. I tend to pack light when it comes to hiking and these couldn’t be a more perfect choice. There are four of us in our family so I will carry 10 at a time: 4 for lunch, 4 for after hiking, and 2 extra just in case we need to clean off any area of our skin. The packettes are compact enough that even the kids could put a few in their pockets for safe keeping.


One thing I can’t stand with most sanitary wipes is how your hands feel completely dry after using them. I loathe nothing more than the feeling of dry hands, especially when you are in the middle of nowhere with no access to any lotion.  I found with Wet-Naps that I do not have that problem since Wet-Naps moisturize with Aloe Vera. A huge plus in my book.

wet nap

Before heading out on your next hiking adventure, try out the Wet-Naps. Whichever you choose, you’ll be happy to know we have a coupon for our readers! You can print your coupon by visiting: You can find Wet-Naps at your local Wal-Mart in the Napkin/Paper goods aisle.