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There’s no place like home, even if it’s a rental. Your home should be a place of comfort and personal style, so even if you can’t make any major changes, here are a few ways to still make it feel like yours.

Make a Statement

I think we can all agree: The worst thing about rentals is the drab cookie-cutter feeling you get from not being able to customize the walls or appliances with paint or updates. Minor details aside, the fact that your apartment looks just like your neighbors, can be depressing. Here’s a way to fix that: change what you can to make a statement that helps your home stand out above the rest. In the kitchen, don’t worry about the walls, bring a splash of color into the room by painting your kitchen stools. Cover your dining table with a flashy cloth and make something besides the layout stand out.

Invest in Something You Love

Instead of making changes to a rental that you won’t be able to enjoy at your next location, invest in something that’s portable. Avoid trends when picking out larger, more expensive kitchen items that may soon become outdated. Opt instead for the classic, timeless version. When browsing VisionDecor dining room sets, choose a traditional table that not only looks great in your rental, but will be something you can work with and love in your next home.

Focus on the Floor

If a rug isn’t your style and you need something to distract from the peeling linoleum or awful-colored tile, cover at least a section of the kitchen floor with a floor decal. Available in multiple designs, colors and prints you can even have a decal custom made to fit your preferences. If an abstract design wouldn’t look quite right, be bold and print your favorite quote.

Revamp the Walls

Decals aren’t just great for the floor, but obviously the walls. Stick “Kiss the Cook” over the stove, or a stack of printed mugs next to the sink to spice up your kitchen without causing any permanent effect. Or, opt for temporary wall paper. Known for having the widest selection of peel-and-stick wallpapers, Sherwin Williams can help you drastically change the look of your kitchen without painting a thing.

Get Creative

Sometimes it just takes a little creativity to bring life to a dull rental kitchen. Easily replace cabinet knobs, handles and pulls with something more colorful found online at Anthropologie, at thrift stores and flea markets, or at a local Hobby Lobby. Decorative knobs in all shapes, colors and sizes can be found for as little as a few quarters. Magnetic appliance covers can add a little art to your dishwasher or stove and take away from an outdated style.

Consider the Small Things

When purchasing utensils, hand towels and bakeware, remember they can be vital decorating components in the kitchen if used right. Coordinate colors and patterns and plan to display your bright red pots and pans on a floating shelf, or your stainless steel utensils in a jar next to the stove. With a little work and some creative touches, your kitchen can look personalized and original even if it’s a rental.