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I have battled a sweet tooth my entire life. From candy to cookies to everything in between, I love sugar!

However, I’m always trying to cut back. In my quest to eat less of the sweet stuff, I have found some great tricks that really work. The worst time of day for me is post-dinner. I always want something sweet after a meal! Although I do cave into the craving sometimes, I can usually control it by doing one of these five things:

  1. Eat dark chocolate. My preferred chocolate is milk with caramel and nougat. But we all know dark is best and actually provides some health benefits. So I keep my cupboard stocked with a bag of bite-sized dark chocolates for an after-dinner treat. They satisfy a craving, but don’t leave me wanting to eat the whole bag like I would with mini candy bars.
  2. Freeze it. But sometimes, only a Snickers will do! I like to keep a bag of fun-sized candy bars in the freezer for an extra-special treat on occasion. When they are frozen, they take longer to eat, allowing me to savor it a bit more and stop at just one.
  3. Tea, please. A cup of hot tea is a great way to stave off a cupcake binge. Try vanilla or cinnamon-flavored teas, which are naturally sweet. Sipping the hot beverage takes a while, too, so you can slowly satisfy your craving.
  4. Just wait. If I’m on a strict diet to fit into a special dress and can’t afford any extra calories, I’ve found waiting to be effective. I always want something sweet immediately after a meal, almost like a palate cleanser. But if I wait 10 or 15 minutes, the craving often passes.
  5. Chew on it. Sugar-free gum is a lifesaver in the late afternoon when all I want is a sweet snack. The minty kind is especially effective in helping me conquer the craving.

 What are some of your tricks to stay out of the cookie jar and on track with healthy eating? I’m always looking for extra motivation, so please share!