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I had the honor of watching one of my friends make a huge transformation in his life. It was such an inspiring transformation that I asked him to share his weight loss journey with you. While he may be a man, I can assure you the changes he made can benefit women as well.

What does the word “inspire” mean to you? According to the dictionary inspire means “To fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence.” I always knew that word held great importance but it wasn’t until I became a father that I realized its true meaning.

I am a single father to an awesome 7-year-old (going on 12) son. I work two jobs that require me to put in over 70 hours a week. My first job is a care provider for adults with disabilities and my second job I bartend for a catering company. Not only do they both require a lot of time, but numerous amounts of effort and patience as well.  I’ve been told that patience is virtue, and not only could I apply that to work, I could apply that to my personal life as well.

I always was the guy waiting for positive things to come my way but with being a single dad and putting in over 70 hrs. a week with two jobs, it just seemed like I couldn’t catch a break. I was running on empty, living paycheck-to-paycheck and trying to make ends meet just to put that smile on my son’s face.

I found myself taking my son out to unhealthy dinners (fast food, Chuck e Cheese, etc.) Because of these choices, I started to gain weight. One day at my yearly check up, my doctor looked at me and told me that my fast paced lifestyle was going to hurt me in the long run. I took the advice he gave me and got a membership at the local gym in town. For a while I felt like the black sheep amongst bodybuilders and fit people and that made me want to give up. Then I realized if I did, I might not make it to see my son grow up. I was determined to inspire the one that means the most to me, my son. His eyes are always on me watching my every move. With that, I let him become my sole motivation to live a healthier and fit lifestyle.

Two months ago my friend, Josh, approached me at the gym. He asked what my fitness goal was. I told him my goal was to live a healthier lifestyle and to inspire my son even more than I could imagine. He told me about this 90-day challenge he was doing and sent me a link to my phone to learn more about it. My first thought was that he was crazy so I laughed at him and continued my workout.

A week went by and I started gaining weight again. I saw that same friend at the gym and decided to ask him what this 90-day challenge was all about. I figured 90 days wasn’t anything. I mean, I spent more than 90 days deteriorating my health, might as well give it a shot.

Since I’ve joined the 90-day challenge, I surpassed the fitness goals I had set for myself– which was to lose 10 lbs. of fat and gain 15 lbs. in muscle. My first month with the 90-day challenge I lost 8 lbs. of fat, and the second month I lost another 8 lbs. of fat.  My energy levels have increased and I am now making healthier choices of food for my son and myself. I am more aware of my body and what I need to be putting in it.

In two months I lost 16 lbs. of fat and have been gaining a lot of muscle.  I am so proud to inspire not only my son, but also others who share the hardships of dealing with everyday life like I have. I may not be perfect in others eyes, but I know if I stay focused, nothing will stop me from reaching my goals in life.

Because of the life changing experience the 90-day challenge has given me, I decided to sign on as a promoter. I have seen the miracles it has done for me, and now I am ready to motivate and inspire others. The 90-day challenge has changed my outlook on life. Everyone I have talked to on this challenge has similar stories to mine and every one is so inspirational.

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