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Parenting is hard— really freakin hard. Whether you’re a first time mom or a mom of four, there are always going to be challenging moments in parenting. If you are wondering what card  to get someone who is pregnant or just had a baby, sometimes a Hallmark card just isn’t enough.

I recently stumbled across these honest and hilarious parenting support cards from that I think are the perfect, most appropriate greeting cards to get a mom. They get straight to the point and speak the bold truth most cards don’t.

Like this card for example. This would be the perfect card to get your mom (or dad) friend who is just having a hard time dealing with their child(ren). We have all had those moments and what better way to cheer them up and let them know they aren’t alone than with this card.honest new mom cards

This card is great for the mom who is stressed about not producing enough milk by pumping at work and is crying to herself as she sits alone with a machine attached to her breasts. It will make her smile and laugh, and who knows…. maybe she will read it during those hard moments of pumping at work.

Breast pumping humor

This card is just my absolute favorite because it seems our babies go to sleep best when we are absolutely in the most uncomfortable position.

New baby humor

As of right now Emily McDowell only has these 3 cards in her Parenting Support tab, however she has so many other hilariously honest cards for just about any situation. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Funny card for couplesice cream funnyfathers day best

You can find these cards and so many more by visiting: