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If you’re a parent of a pre-teen who enjoys making things, the My Circle of Creativity is a must-have! My Circle of Creativity goes beyond your typical friendship bracelet kit and allows your crafty kids to create all sorts of items.

Winner of the Mom’s Choice Gold Award, this friendship kit provides everything your jeweler needs to create bracelets, key chains, and lanyards. What pre-teen doesn’t love to make things for friends and family members? With so many options, My Circle of Creativity allows for your child to make gifts for grandparents, siblings and friends. Eager to make a friendship bracelet, my daughter quickly laid out all the colors to pick her best friend’s favorite.

Then we looked at the direction for making the bracelet—I was feeling a bit overwhelmed! When I was my daughter’s age, the friendship bracelets I made involved tying knots over and over again. I didn’t know where to start with these! Here are all the materials the friendship kit comes with:

But after reading the directions, we got it set up with ease.

Next we turned to the My Circle of Creativity website where they have step-by-step videos on how to make the bracelets! These videos make the entire process as easy as 1, 2, 3! Once we watched the videos, my daughter was able to breeze through making her first friendship bracelet with My Circle of Creativity, and has been busy making more ever since!

Help your child celebrate their most important friendships with this Circle of Creativity craft kit to make amazing bracelets or lanyards to trade and treasure. This clever kit comes with an easy-to-read instruction sheets and a loom with 12 patterns on 6 pattern discs, 30 bobbins, 112 pre-cut threads (in 14 fun colors) and 100 pony beads (in 10 colors). With these you can make circular bracelets –rather than flat — and there’s a wide range of patterns to choose from. For lanyards there’s a separate tool that helps make amazing box knot and cobra knot lanyards for keychains or decorations. 15 Key Rings and 36 plastic laces (in 9 colors) are included. Over 300 pieces come in a sturdy, all in one carrying case that keeps the supplies neat and organized so it can be taken to school, camp, sleepovers, anywhere! Sold exclusively on air at QVC and online at

My Circle of Creativity is the perfect project kit for children ages 8-13. It provides hours of fun and gifts for all the special people in their lives!

Learn more about My Circle of Creativity on their website, Facebook or Pinterest. You can even subscribe to their YouTube channel!