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This is a sponsored post.  I received compensation from Visa/Gymboree to buy my products and use its Visa Checkout online payment service, but all thoughts reflected here are my own.

The holidays are such a magical time for children. Every little detail plays a part in making it special. From the desserts we bake, the decorations we put up, to the clothes we wear.

Thanksgiving is a very busy, but special holiday for my family. It’s a time where we visit all our family that we haven’t seen much of. A typical Thanksgiving is spent at four different homes, seriously! Because we only see them a handful of times throughout the year, we always make sure to look our best as a lot of photos are taken. Each year my husband and I pick out new outfits for our children to wear. It gets them excited to not only get new clothes, but to get photographed wearing their new clothes (see what I did there).


Because the time leading up to Thanksgiving is so busy for our family, I don’t have the time to head to the store to look for that perfect outfit for my kids like I used to.  I have relied on the Internet for most of our clothing purchases. Thanks to Visa Checkout, Visa’s new online payment service, I was able to do my holiday outfit shopping a lot quicker and easier this year.


For this year’s outfits we shopped at and it was the perfect website to try out Visa Checkout.  I was able to checkout faster than I have ever been able to before.


Visa Checkout is an online payment service by Visa that allows you to store all your major credit and debit cards, and their associated billing and shipping info, in one convenient location. It works on your computer, your phone, and your tablet and allows you to use any major card you own anywhere Visa Checkout is accepted, and still get all the points and rewards you normally get.

With Visa Checkout, you won’t have to constantly fill out redundant forms, or worry about storing your sensitive information in a number of different places. Your information is protected by Visa’s security.

Setting up my Visa Checkout account was incredibly easy. I just headed to the website:, clicked “create account” and followed the short steps. I was able to add multiple cards for all my other holiday shopping. I have several reward cards we use and divide our holiday shopping up to earn maximum points. So being able to add multiple cards to my Visa Checkout account really made life easier. I am so tired of having to run out of my office to grab my wallet whenever I place an online order.


Once my account was set up, I was ready to shop. I opened a new tab and browsed the new holiday looks at Gymboree. After I found my selection for my boys at, I went to checkout and was extremely excited and relieved to see Gymboree has a Visa Checkout tab available for express checkout.


Visa C heckout

I clicked on the Visa Checkout tab, signed into my account, and all my information was there waiting for me. It took me less than 10 seconds to check out. Seriously, it was that easy!

I cannot begin to tell you how much stress this takes off my shoulders as I continue to do my holiday shopping online.