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If you’re looking to expand your family’s wardrobe for summer, you are in luck! H&M is offering a 30% discount coupon for you to use in their stores and it benefits everybody. Simply bring in a bag of old clothes and you will receive your coupon. Just like that! Clear out outgrown or stained clothes and you’ll be helping an amazing movement…Logo on globe

Since 2013 customers have been invited to bring any unwanted and worn out garments and textiles, from any brand and in any condition, to any H&M store. By doing so they ensure less garments go to landfills and, in return, will receive vouchers to use at H&M. Since H&M first launched Garment Collecting in 2013 the company has collected over 25,000 tons of clothing and two years ago H&M introduced its first new garments that used recycled clothing!

Normally the discount you receive is 15% but for the first ever World Recycle Week (until April 24) they are offering double their normal discount! In their words, “Nothing is too worn, torn or used to get a second life”.

When I spoke with a gal at my local H&M, she said a grocery bag is the size you need to qualify for a discount-that’s only a few pieces of clothing! I know I have a few pieces in the back of my closet that will be headed to bigger and better things thanks to H&M, and I will be able to save a ton on some trendy kids clothes!