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Trust Yourself #ParentOn

It seems as though it’s kind of a rite of passage into parenthood to deal with an insane amount of unsolicited advice. As I’ve said before, I know that most advice comes from a good place and the intention is always to help you but man oh man is it hard to be understanding when you have a complete stranger approach you to let you know that they know better how to care for your crying toddler than you do!

With the overload of parenting books, baby care books, parenting methods, online mom groups, unlimited “internet research” (because if you find it online, it MUST be true) and over bearing relatives there is too much  coming at you information-wise. I’ve been given some CRAZY opinions and “advice” through the years, like the fact that raising my arms while pregnant would twist the umbilical cord and strangle my baby, that my son needed pants that fit him (read that story here) and that I absolutely was not complete in life because I only have sons-I NEEDED to keep trying for a daughter (and even gave me a VERY detailed description on sexual positions that guarantee that) !

Parents Aren't Geniuses #Parent On

Luckily, our friends at Tommee Tippee get it. They TOTALLY get it. And they’ve got an innovative way of handling all the unsolicited parenting advice.

Literally wipe your baby’s butt with it.

All jokes aside, Tommee Tippee’s newest campaign has an amazing message that all parents and parents-to-be need to hear.

The story of the Advice Wipes is that they take all those baby and parenting books, conflicting internet comments, the two cents from that lady at the grocery store and more and they recycle them into wipes.

Parenting Skills Quote #ParentOn

Think of it this way:
Take in all the advice, tips, opinions, and research that you do. Recycle it all! Keep the good stuff that you agree with or feel good about and take the rest and shove it where the sun don’t shine…literally!

These Advice Wipes aren’t real wipes, but the idea is so amazingly real and needs to be heard. So many new parents can be overwhelmed and brought down by bad advice! We need to get the word out to all parents that their instincts are the absolute best for THEIR baby.

Advice is good! Sometimes we parents need it. But knowing that you can recycle through all of that advice to find your own parenting path is so rewarding.

Thank you so much Tommee Tippee for getting it.

What kind of advice or opinions have you gotten that need put into advice wipes?? Tommee Tippee wants you to share with us below AND on your social media, using the hashtag #ParentOn.

You can find more info on the #ParentOn campaingn at!

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