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For those of you who read yesterday’s post on herbs and are now inspired to eat more fresh herbs; why not grow your own garden? Herb gardens are great for healthy eating and saving money! They are easy to grow, but require a sunny spot, so be sure to pick the sunniest spot in your backyard or deck.

Below is a “how-to” chart for herb gardening. I have included the 10 herbs I grow and cook with the most. I always start my gardens with seeds (this is the cheapest option) but you can also buy plants already in bloom if you prefer to use your herbs right away.

These are just general guidelines; you should always water plants according to your climate. Hot and dry climates will require more water, or if you live in a rainy climate, the weather may take care of your watering for you.

Feel free to print our this chart to keep close! Just click on the image, right click to save it to your computer and then print!