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Happy Healthy Kids in Winter
Keeping your household healthy in the winter can be a chore–from runny noses and coughing to fevers and everything in between! Kids carry germs home from school and leave them all over your house, making every person living there have the chance of catching something. YUCK! The easiest way to combat sickness from taking over your house is as easy as two simply words–hand washing. Make hand washing upon coming home a habit, just like taking off your shoes or hanging up your coat is!

As a mom, I want to know what I can do to keep my kids healthy in the winter. I know that it’s important to keep children active all winter (read our article about Activities to Keep Kids Moving and Grooving in the Winter!). Some of our favorite ways to keep active in the winter are jumping on bubble wrap, shoveling snow (HA! The kids like that one!), and building forts. Sometimes it is easy to forget another big component of staying healthy–helping your children maintain a healthy diet and immune system!

My family likes to try eat vegetarian meals such as Black Bean Bake once a week and even enjoy cooking together! Making sure to use fresh ingredients can get more cumbersome in the winter, so sometimes it’s important to add a vitamin for your children such as L’il Critters Vitamins. Once of the great things about L’il Critters Vitamins is that kids is simply love the way they taste! So not only are children getting vitamins they need, they love eating L’il Critters Vitamins and you are getting them from a brand you can trust.

It’s always important to maintain routine to help keep healthy children. Make sure you’re keeping bedtime consistent, even on the weekend. Children thrive on consistency and stay healthier if they have the proper amount of nutrition and rest!


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